Matt Tiabbi | OWS’s Beef: Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating

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OWS’s Beef: Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating

These nutty criticisms of the protests are spreading like cancer. Earlier that same day, I’d taped a TV segment on CNN with Will Cain from the National Review, and we got into an argument on the air. Cain and I agreed about a lot of the problems on Wall Street, but when it came to the protesters, we disagreed on one big thing.

Cain said he believed that the protesters are driven by envy of the rich.

“I find the one thing [the protesters] have in common revolves around the human emotions of envy and entitlement,” he said. “What you have is more than what I have, and I’m not happy with my situation.”

Cain seems like a nice enough guy, but I nearly blew my stack when I heard this. When you take into consideration all the theft and fraud and market manipulation and other evil shit Wall Street bankers have been guilty of in the last ten-fifteen years, you have to have balls like church bells to trot out a propaganda line that says the protesters are just jealous of their hard-earned money.

Think about it: there have always been rich and poor people in America, so if this is about jealousy, why the protests now? The idea that masses of people suddenly discovered a deep-seated animus/envy toward the rich – after keeping it strategically hidden for decades – is crazy.

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  1. Hannah says:

    If I’m not adding my totals in my head at the grocery store before I get to the checkout, I feel rich. I want for nothing.

    I am an OW protester. I do not care what the rich have.

    I care that I can’t buy a house even though I can afford to buy a house. I’m afraid to. I doubt there’s a clear title to be found. Find an honest realtor, a non-shady lawyer, a lender with interested in getting you into a home? Good luck.

    It’s a nation of salesmen.

    I care that I can’t find a rental in an area that I want to live in that isn’t slumlord owned. I care that homes in my town are collapsing and the town is inexplicibly unable to remedy the “attractive nuisances”-a danger to all. I wonder how this house exists right next to a bizarre McMansion Tara-like monstrosouty…nothing makes sense.

    I care that when I asked to read the terms of my mortgage, i was discouraged.

    I care that when I read it anyway I was told i had no right to refuse to sign it because I didn’t ask for the right on the contract of sale!

    I care that when I still declined, I was told I could be sued because of mistakes all of these people made. I can’t believe these adult professionals were so stupid to do this by accident, but as yet no one has arrested them for fraud despite my reporting of the issue to the district attorney.

    I care that my slumlord was cousins with the judge in town (no one knew that). i care that i had no heat, hot water, or oven for six months despite having a lease and always paying my rent in full.

    I care that upon taking the slumlord to court in accordance with all rules, laws, filings, and regulations (documentation available) the slumlord held a piece of paper in front of the judge, the judge refused to hear me, and I was given 20 days to vacate. In front of witnesses (but not many. Strangely, this was not held in the usual courtroom, open to the public.)

    THAT is what this movement is about.

    It’s about not having anywhere to live. It’s about learning the rules, following the rules, and still getting screwed.

    The rich can kiss my @ss. I don’t want a yacht. I don’t want a mansion. I don’t even want a big house. I don’t want a tiny dog and I don’t want to go to fancy parties. I could give a rats ass about new clothes. My favorite possession is my ipod but guess what, i could live without that, too.

    All I want is to not be lied to. I want to know if I pay for something, that’s what I will get. I want to know if I sign a contract, it has to be honored by all parties, not just ME.

  2. banksterslayer#301 says:

    OMG.So the police get frns for the evictions…fiat currency and unConstitutional accepted by massdumbing…it’s getting hotter’round here….

    except that actually it’s getting colder on those mean streets/parks…
    Power to the PEOPLE!!!

    Power to TRUTH!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      we all have been at this for over 2 years thank you for “waking up” please pass your “newly found info on to all your friends and familt please

  3. lvent says:

    The reason there is an Occupy movement is because there has been a combining of Government and Wall Street, simply put…Fascism……SNEAKY STRATEGIC Class Warfare is their weapon of choice…Just like what occurred in Germany during the last Great Depression…Max Keiser reported there are 600 trillion in fraudulently backed derivatives out there…The result of Wall Street selling investments in anything and everything such as the productivity of the american people…Or as the documentary aired on CNBC, HO– USE OF CARDS uncovered…WALL STREET sold investments to ANYTHING that had a revenue stream…We The People should be sueing all of them out of existance..
    See the latest Keiser Report:

    • housemanrob says:

      Vent….at least 6oo,ooo,ooo,ooo………….!

      • lvent says:

        Right Rob, 600 trillion is definitelty low balling it..daily finance said the number is more like 1.2 Quadrillion….These people are sick…That is one hell of an ILLEGAL Casino they have been operating up there on Wall Street……..We should all be suing the snot out of these crooks..!

    • lvent says:

      Max Keiser talks about the SHAM THAT IS MERS in the first half of today’s Keiser Report..

  4. lvent says:

    Matt Taibi is a true American Patriot and, he really gets it. Matt is brilliant..I agree he does deserve a Pulitzer but they don’t give it people like him…You only get that if you are in the BIG CLUB or support it…. The proof of Matt’s good works are the Occupy Movements…People like Matt, Eliott Spitzer, The movie Inside Job, Bill Black, this website and Lisa at FH, RT News, Dylan Ratigan, Max Keiser are all making a difference, a huge impact. They have woke up the 99%.

    • CaitlinO. says:

      Check out the movie Margin Call, too, when you have a chance. I saw it on PPV the other night. It’s a great portrayal of how the large investment bank (GS, I presume) decided to take down its customers, its investors, all of Wall Street and the rest of America just to get out of its terrible investment mistakes.

  5. abs says:

    Obamation failed to execute the real terrorist, rather help them more to do the same. His comment it’s not illegal but moral issue. Bleeping Washington most are paid and bought by banks, but voted by the people who get their tax dollars pimped (in trillions) I am not voting for him also encouraging other to learn about champaign contributors.

  6. CaitlinO. says:

    Here’s a great article that enlarges on the points Taibbi is making:

    Greenwald says:

    “It is now clearly understood that, rather than apply the law equally to all, Wall Street tycoons have engaged in egregious criminality—acts that destroyed the economic security of millions of people around the world—without experiencing the slightest legal repercussions. Giant financial institutions were caught red-handed engaging in massive, systematic fraud to foreclose on people’s homes and the reaction of the political class, led by the Obama administration, was to shield them from meaningful consequences. Rather than submit on an equal basis to the rules, through an oligarchical, democracy-subverting control of the political process, they now control the process of writing those rules and how they are applied.

    Today, it is glaringly obvious to a wide range of Americans that the wealth of the top 1 percent is the byproduct not of risk-taking entrepreneurship but of corrupted control of our legal and political systems. Thanks to this control, they can write laws that have no purpose than to abolish the few limits that still constrain them, as happened during the Wall Street deregulation orgy of the 1990s. They can retroactively immunize themselves for crimes they deliberately committed for profit, as happened when the 2008 Congress shielded the nation’s telecom giants for their role in Bush’s domestic warrantless eavesdropping program.”

  7. housemanrob says:

    Will Cain……Trying to sound like he is fair and opinioned in regards to OWS….because he is debating with American champion, Matt Taiibi……when in today’s reality… he is nothing more than a CNN shill for the great American Wall Street and TBTF Banksters….shame on Chrstine Romans fot playing up to Cain’s opinion….or just plain voicing something that will make the intentions of OWS seem trivial and are just a collection ” of human debris” as quoted by Rush Limbaugh. All of these media reporters are not just selling out OWS, they are selling out on America and themselves…..for it may take more than a media badge or I.D. to speed up the Tennessee hiways when T.S.A. unveils their random checkpoints plan to search cars randomly for guns drugs and terrorists…..for they don’t realize that we are all in this together and their freedoms are also gravely threatened because they bow down to the puppet masters…..

  8. CaitlinO. says:

    Fantastic article – Taibbi deserves a Pulitzer.

    There won’t be a solution to this mess without bloodshed, I fear. I’m raising two little ones and I fully expect they’re going to have to fight in the streets someday to take our country back. I’m too old to fight anymore but maybe I can fall down in front of a cop and let the younger and fleeter of foot have a few extra minutes to get away.

  9. Stanley Krepplin says:

    Taibbi is one of a few in the “main stream” writers who humorously challenges the status quo. People who are fighting for their houses could care less about the fixed campaign of 2012. Just a stream of idiocy from wealthy puppets that somehow we’re supposed to pay attention to.
    The entire system is corrupt to favor exploitation of anyone who isn’t in and doesn’t play by the rules of the 1% percent club. Taibbi never goes far enough though – we are subject to violence from a collaboration of Government and the Financial Sector, the sooner we realize this we can get “change”. And it won’t be easy, it never is. They will whine, propagandize, spread blame, ridicule and make every threat possible , but in the end, freedom, justice and Democracy is ours.

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