We are Watching | Just Added the Occupy Arrests Counter to the Site

Recently as you know a “Banner” for the #occupy movement has been circulating.

A growing number of netizens that support #occupy have shown their support by displaying it.

And now another corner has been turned in this saga. We are likely about to see a rise in civil disobedience as arrogant authorities react instead of proact with the coming paradigm shift. Many people may pay a willing price of arrest to allow the TRUTH to be aired.  THEIR SACRIFICE NEEDS TO NOT BE SILENT.

Now I implore you and please please ask that you join with another fellow traveller,  “OccupyArrests.com” and prominently display their COUNTER.  They are making sure the protesters sacrifice of arrest is being chronicled.  This is a natural companion “action” to the banner now in circulation; which is actually from a different contributor.

I installed it on the right side of the site below the donate button so check it out.

If you will and this is of critical importance, “Pass it On”, it will give “OccupyArrests.com”  a real boost in knowing “They Are Not Alone”.

Thank you!

Counter Code:

<a target=”_new” href=”http://www.occupyarrests.com“><img src=”http://www.stpeteforpeace.org/occupy.arrests.counter.gif” alt=”Number of Occupy protesters arrested counter” style=”border:none;”></a>



16 Responses to “We are Watching | Just Added the Occupy Arrests Counter to the Site”
  1. Fury says:

    the 2 good thins mayor bloomberg did was to stop the freaking honking because he fines $350 if you honk and
    he has a call line where you can report problems…311

    otherwise, he’s just a little weasel….

  2. Fury says:

    the live updates from OWS are very chilling.

    yet MORE police brutality.

    the police are preventing a medic from getting to a bleeding protester!


    • lvent says:

      Thanks for the update Fury…Please keep us updated…the media is not telling us this stuff and we all want to know what they are doing to our people…Bloomberg anchor Margaret Brennen reported this morning she was having a difficult time coming to work this morning…the cops told her to just go home but the protestors cleared the way and let her get into the building so that she could go to work…Ms. Brennen said that she is not part of the 1%..

      • Fury says:


        i feel guilty for not going down there but i am the sole support of my family right now
        and they are terrified of my being arrested.

        i would ask that people visit the OccupyWallst site each day and also livestream to check out the videos from around the world.

        just Google and you find out what is happening.

        the MSM is covering it all up. now we know the mayors of major cities are colluding to stop the Movement, thanks to the slip of the clueless oakland mayor.

        my internet is so slow in loading so it is hard for me to watch the livestream video.

  3. indio007 says:

    This counter should be paralleled with false arrest complaints filed. People simply don’t know the law.


    Drag their ass into small claims where they get no lawyer and then we will see if the cop can justify his actions. Simply saying “I’m a cop” doesn’t cut it.

    There should be 3000 complaints filed for false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution , aggravated kidnapping etc…

  4. talktotennessee says:

    Worth reading these links.
    Jeffrey Sachs supports OCCUPY’s philosophy with fact! He could lead the OWS movement into stability and purpose. He has the knowledge and credentials. Those interested in balance of wealth and equality need to read Sach’s on where we are headed. He believes both political parties have taken the wroing path.

    • talktotennessee says:

      “It is a broken system. It is time to fix it! It’s time to vote the thugs out of Washington.”

      Sachs’ parting shots to the audience- “Storm Wall Street! And don’t watch the Fox Network!”

      • lvent says:

        Goldman Sachs fingerprints are all over this massive conspiracy…Who owns Goldman Sachs…?They are one of the the largest SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT banking proxies in the world…Proof this is all the work of the Holy Roman Empire…and there is an unholy alliance at play here in America and there are many traitors from within America, namely the politicians…..Goldman Sachs was Obama’s second largest campaign contributor…Then the rest was the Big Banks and George Soros…all owned and controlled by the Vatican U.N./NWO….This is pay to play CORRUPTION on a massive scale….What they want is complete control of every aspect of our lives….An attorney told me the exact amount of money I had in the bank…and said everyone has this amount in the bank…Now you tell me that this is not an evil plan.

      • lvent says:

        talktotennessee: I spy on ALL sources, even FOX..they do tell the truth sometimes…you just have to know what the truth is…Do they piss me off most of the time? YES….but there is a space between even at FOX that tells the truth….that is what I look for.

  5. Number of Ocuppy protesters arrested: Total 3360, Number of financial criminals arrested that made all of those fraudulent sales practices to close a loan, and the lenders lied and jacked up mortgage payments, then fabricated documents to send homes into foreclosure, then committed notary fraud and document fraud to fabricate the documents necessary to foreclose, lied about properly serving lawsuits, then went in before a judge, lied committed perjury and ultimately were successful in getting people and entire families into the street: Total 0

  6. Perhaps another “counter” could be created showing how many bankers have been arrested. That way we can see how sick our government really is.

  7. Fury says:

    you know what?
    there will be so idiots who will say that the pregant woman shouldn’t have been there.

    do you know how many women who have fought in wars?? millions!

    i won’t forget dorli rainey, the peppered-prayed elderly lady, who said that she saw what was happening and got off the bus in seattle to make a stand to show solidarity w/ OWS.

    what a heroine!

  8. Fury says:

    how utterly revolting—
    pepper spraying a female senior citizen!

    i hope that name of the cop who did it is spreads across the internet and he gets reprimanded.


    • see says:

      They also pepper sprayed a pregnant woman. I am from Seattle area, a local radio station said they all deserve it, no matter who they were. And they stand by the police because the protesters stopped rush hour traffic. Hey, Seattle had a nice sunny day. Great for a protest. One of the occupy organizers was interviewed by the same station and he said that it was all unplanned and not well thought out., it just happened. But he said what the cops did was just as stupid.

      • Fury says:

        what makes it so sad is that i think the pregnant woman is only 2 months pregnant. the fetus is so vulnerable. i hope the moronic police didn’t hurt the growing baby.

        second hand cigarette smoke is dangerous for a developing baby. can you image pepper spray?

        how about even the adrenaline rush causing damage?

        what an outrage that pregnant women and senior women aren’t safe from police brutality!

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