KABOOM | Mail Bomb Sent to Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsche Bank

This is no way to settle anything, so don’t do it…


Letter bomb sent to Deutsche Bank CEO

FRANKFURT — A letter bomb sent to Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann was “operational” and could have exploded, German state police said Thursday after the envelope was intercepted.

“Preliminary investigations show it is an operational letter bomb,” police in Hesse, the western state where Deutsche Bank’s Frankfurt headquarters is located, said in a statement following the discovery of the parcel Wednesday.

The envelope addressed to Swiss-born Ackermann, CEO of Germany’s biggest bank, arrived at Deutsche Bank’s mailroom and was x-rayed after it raised suspicion among staff.

“Local police, working together with specialists from the Hesse state crime office, defused the explosive,” the police said, adding that the investigation was continuing.

The police said the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office was working together with the Hesse state crime office (LKA) on the probe.

An LKA spokesman called the letter bomb a “dangerous explosive” and said the authorities were in the dark as to who sent it and why.

“We cannot say anything at this point about the sender or any suspects,” the spokesman told rolling news channel N24. “There has been no claim of responsibility or information on a motive.”

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8 Responses to “KABOOM | Mail Bomb Sent to Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsche Bank”
  1. lvent says:

    Speaking of a bomb set to explode…John Corzine set to explain to CONgress where all of the investors $$$$ went..he has already stated he does not know! …MF Global is the 8th largest bankruptcy in history….that is what happens when you allow the Casino on Wall Street to gamble with your wealth…when the gambles crap out, they steal anything not nailed down…they have been doing this for decades and still are up to today..they are robbing the American people blind…They all have a sick problem..including CONgress..who keeps pointing the finger of blame when they set this whole WallStreet Casino up in the first place…

    • lvent says:

      It appears the latest wording for committing massive fraud is “never intended”…John Corzines excuse for harm to the investors of MF GLOBAL…They have taken the word” intended” to new heights and are using it in ways never thought imaginable..like in the fraudclosure complaint filed on my property by the pretender lender….We “intended to” create a lien…the mistake in the Document no. in the property description was just a SCRIVENOR’S ERROR….which is a lie wrapped in a lie…a SCRIVENOR’S ERROR IS AN ERROR IN THE SCRIPT….NOT IN NUMBERS….They are using the word” intended” out of context, as if to say I never intended to financially kill these people but they should have known they were standing in front of a out of control freight train….The word “intended” is being used quite deceptively and being used as yet another excuse for allowing massive fraud and abuse..and of course the reason for no criminal prosecutions of any of the debt cartel by the DOJ and the Illinois State AG’s office is “It is really hard to prove fraud because you have to prove “intent” to do permanent harm.” Well then, ” I intended to pay my mortgage and my bills on time”….should be a good enough excuse for all of us as well….Every one is equal under the law according to the U.S. CONSTITUTION…must be changed to everyone is equal under the same excuse…

      • lvent says:

        Coincidentally, Max Keiser was talking about the way that excuses are being used by the financial criminals to justify our robbery..Max and Stacy talk about the excuse John Corzine, Hank Paulson and others use the words, LACK OF LIQUIDITY as an excuse in which to steal…

    • Corzine- “I don’t know where $1billion of farmer’s money went”…

      • lvent says:

        acmodspecialists…..Last I heard, all of the investors will all get their money back, it is just going to take a year or more…Good Luck with that! In the mean time the farmers have no money to run their farms.

  2. lvent says:

    No sympathy for the devil here…

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    Opps! Missed………..

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