Abigail Field | Dear Attorneys General: If You Want to Be Re-elected, Sue the Banks

Dear Attorneys General: If You Want to Be Re-elected, Sue the Banks

Dear Attorneys General:

If you want to be reelected–in those 41 states where voters get to have their say on how well you’re doing your job–you’d better get busy and indict some document fraudsters, or at least sue the big banks for their deceptive and deeply damaging practices. That’s because voters are catching on to just how above the law bankers believe they are. And if you don’t make a real effort to hold the banks accountable–NO, the “50 state” settlement Santa’s supposedly giving to the banks doesn’t count, as I’ll get to–if you don’t make a real effort to hold the banks to account, you’ll get voted out for any candidate that credibly promises accountability.

See, the gig is up. Large numbers of us 99% are beginning to understand “robosigning” is in fact “document fraud.” Large numbers of us are experiencing the banks’ lack of good faith in their interactions with us. Large numbers of us have been and are being repeatedly deceived by bank employees about loan modifications and foreclosure. (Sure, Bank of America has been really bad, but its practices are standard among the bailed out banks, as AG Coakley’s suit makes clear.) And our realization about the bankers’ deceptions cuts particularly deep because we in the 99% have consistently tried to do the “right” thing.

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  1. qny81 says:

    That’s why we need to support presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul. He is the only politician talking about the Fed’s destruction of our monetary system and the need to abolish it.

  2. TheHutMaster says:

    God Bless you Abigail Field. MOST of the scum AG’s are all on the take, Like the air head AG in Florida. She is sleeping with the criminals at the expence of the people that placed their trust in her. Rick Scott should be in jail for Medicare fraud and his dog Pam should go for Treason against the great state of Florida. We can, and WILL, take their jobs and push hard for their arrest.

    To the few AG’s that are doing the right thig, God Bless you too! We are behind you all the way and stand ready to assist you in any way.

    We are here and we are watching.

    “Fight The Good Fight” Every Minute, Every Day!

  3. Eugene Villarreal says:

    N.J.’s ag paula dow has been appointed to a superior court judgeship by governor christie. How do you like those apples ?

  4. For once, we have many attorneys on our side, fighting against perhaps the most important single issue that has ever plagued our world, despite potential ostracism and blackballing. For those that may not have a good handle on how our system really works, the 5th platform of Communism, a Central Bank, a/k/a the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of the United States is the most powerful single entity in the United States and collectively with other Central Banks, the IMF, the Banks of International Settlement and the World Bank, run much of the world. The FRB, having been granted monopoly power in 1913 over regulatory control, over the money supply, over lending criteria/approvals and interest rates has throughout history been shown to be the Citizens enemy. With that much power they can control what Marx called in his Communist Manifesto, the “Means of Production” a/k/a the most important and profitable industries in a county. They continue to expand their power even today and a major factor for the various military conflicts engaged in throughout the world by what many call the Anglosphere. J.P. Morgan is just one example of lending to military contractors, who rose to the highest levels in banking and finance.

    I believe like many, that the Boom and Bust of the 2000’s was a premeditated fraud against the Citizens of United States. Almost every recession/depression in the 20th century is directly linked to the expansion and contraction of the money supply by banking in cahoots with Government and a major reason why it is so hard to get government to go after the bankers and why so many Judges are literally committing corruption to assist their devilish soul mates in the highest socio-economic towers.

    What I see is an opportunity but knowing what you are up against is a critical component to changing our system. I’m somewhat enthusiastic at the advances being made against those in extreme levels of power as Alan Greenspan Admits; The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One

      • Kathleen Burt says:

        You’re right, President Eisenhower’s worst fears about the military-industrial complex have already come to pass. As a General, he saw this coming decades ago. They already own the means of production and have run the economy into a ditch.

        They’re job cutters, not job creators, they fire and lay off thousands so they can line their executives’ pockets, forcing people into early retirement to save on their pensions,

        We need to break up the “too big to fail banks.” If politicians lack the courage to do that, there’ll just be more Booms and Busht. They’ll proftifro their derivatves and credit default swaps while the rest of us suffer.

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