Update From the Trenches | Bein Aime’s Wells Fargo Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense Unfolding in Broward County, Florida

Update from the Trenches of the BienAime Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense in Broward County, Florida, a collaborative effort involving 4closureFraud.org, ForeclosureHamlet.org, Occupy Fort Lauderdale, Occupy Miami, and Occupy Our Homes.

This is an unfolding story of a family of six (mom, dad, 4 children, Grandma) we’ve posted about here and here and here.

Payments REF– USED then Wells Fargo proceeded with fraudclosure/eviction.

This morning’s update from a reader of 4closureFraud.org and member of Occupy Fort Lauderdale who’s been out to the “Homefront”.

As the foreclosure was effective at midnight members of Occupy Fort Lauderdale came and went from the Bienaime’s household throughout the night to keep watch. The Bienaime’s were good enough to provide spare mattresses and coffee.

NBC 6 showed up as early as 5 am to begin interviewing people there and reporting on the situation as more Occupiers and supporters arrived, including a number of people from Occupy Miami who have also been bridging into foreclosure activism.

There was a live news broadcast for NBC 6 at just shy of 7 am from the home and the press interviewed a number of people. When the BSO office finally opened they reported that they had never received an eviction order. LW also spoke with a Wells Fargo representative who said that someone was working on their status but no word back, the news station also did not have any luck contacting Wells Fargo. Around 10 am 3 police cars appeared but they were City of Coconut Creek and just wanted everyone to move their cars.

I had to leave to go to work around 10:30 but there were around 30 people there and some were considering branching off to go protest the local Wells Fargo branch for refusing the Bienaime’s payments.

So far it seems unlikely that an eviction will take place today as BSO denies they received an order and Wells Fargo appears to be in “damage control mode.”

As a contributor to local Occupy movements I can say that there are dozens of activists in this movement that were more than happy to engage in foreclosure activism and are eager to network, learn more about wrongful foreclosures, and organize foreclosure resistance in South Florida.

More updates later.

Mainstream media coverage here.

Please call Wells Fargo and demand a stop be put to this madness!




Wells Fargo’s Fraudclosure/Eviction of the Bein Aime Family

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16 Responses to “Update From the Trenches | Bein Aime’s Wells Fargo Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense Unfolding in Broward County, Florida”
  1. Len says:

    The history of fraudulent foreclosures and evictions, under the color of law, goes back thousands of years, as told 1400 years ago at Google: “Ancient History of Fraudulent Evictions & Foreclosures”. http://quran.com/2/82-88

  2. Len says:

    “Ancient History of Fraudulent Evictions & Foreclosures”

  3. Fury says:

    since the very beginning about 5 years ago, one of my family members
    announced that fraudclosure was all about INSURANCE FRAUD.

    the Bad Guys were/are after the insurance money.

    • lvent says:

      I dont believe for a minute, this was ever just about the monetary greed…that is all an illusion to cover up for what they are really after which is our National Sovereignty and a global tyranny of debt slavery for all of us…If you lose your home at our age, chances are you will never own another one..They want a nation of renters….They already hold the land in fee simple, and we rent the land our homes sit on…now they want us to rent the houses as well or sell them to their foreign investor criminal friends around the globe….In my fraudclosure complaint they state that their interest is in the fee simple deed…So there you have it, they are trying to take back the land the homes sit on…pull the rug out from under us so to speak. For example, after the servicer for my “loan” told me not to send any payments until my trial period package came, .I asked the servicer that won’t put in my fraudclosure…? Her reply was “You are always in foreclosure.” Now that told me this goes alot deeper than monetary gain…How many homeowners has Chase tried fraudclosing on whose homes were paid for? 300 in New York State I believe the number was…We bailed out AIG but honestly, how much longer before they can’t pay these crooks 2-3 times the value of our homes? This is a vast conspiracy and they want us to believe this is all about the monetary greed…I am not buying that argument…They already made hundreds of trillions off of the mortgage derivatives fraud..They want to take back every house is what an attorney told me…I told him that is Communism…he said, that is TOTAL COMMUNISM…This is all about our foreign enemies taking America over without ever firing a shot…Who do we have to thank for that???….THE U.S. GOVERNMENT THREW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE ENTIRE COUNTRY UNDER THE BUS…!!! THE CORRUPT, TRAITOR POLITICIANS FROM WITHIN AND NO ONE ELSE…THEY SET US UP TO FAIL…THEY ALLOWED THIS……4closure fraud posted a great article that talked about the real reason behind this manufactured crisis…they have enough wealth for many life times…this was all about WORLD DOMINATION by the NEW WORLD ORDER…The Popes, the politicians and their minions and cohorts have all spoke about this evil plan for a NEW WORLD ORDER…

    • lvent says:

      As soon as I was told that my loan mod was denied by the U.S. TREASURY…I knew this was about alot more than the money….The banksters are all about the fees and interest…and AIG could never afford to pay out all of those claims…there are millions…and there are millions more to come in 2012, according to Bloomberg…Where is AIG going to get all of the money to pay all of those fraud claims to their criminal banker friends on Wall Street…?

    • incognito123 says:

      Fury, that is a big part of it, but it is much more than just that!

  4. Beth A. says:

    12/20 – B of A stock price slipped to its lowest since 3/2009.
    Burn, baby, burn.

    Hopefully Wells and Chase are next.

  5. dRp says:

    FL Congressman can be heard in recorded committee transcripts.
    Their intent is clear – How can we help the banks, make it easier on them. Change the laws with The Bankers Association input.
    The elected officials have forgotten their oath – to PROTECT it’s citizens and our rights, according to the constitution. It is then that citizens must step forth to exercise those rights.
    The Bien-Aime family are more deserving of their home than Wells Fargo, it’s a travesty.
    Call your representatives now and ask for more protection in the laws, not less. Continue to lend your Neighboor a hand while legislators try to please special interest and prop up a financial system with our own money.

    • lvent says:

      The politicians are a disgraceful bunch of lousy traitors…Of course they are covering up for the banks, the GSE’s and Wall Street…! They are who allowed Wall Street to become a giant casino and allowed them to create $700 trillion in debt off of nothing….no collateral backing that up..and they all got filthy stinking rich off of it…America is not broke…that is a BIG LIE…This is all about bankrupting all of us and stealing everything from the American people for debts these criminals owe…that can never be paid back….Wall Street is rallying today…THAT IS CLEAR PROOF THAT CROOKS ARE RUNNING AMERICA!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE LOSING EVERYTHING WHILE THESE CROOKS PARTY ON…..WHY? BECA– USE THE POLITICIANS ARE ALL GETTING RICH OFF OF THE DEMISE OF MAINSTREET!!!! THAT’S WHY!!! THROW ALL OF THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS OUT AMERICA!!!! STOP THE FRAUDCLOSURES!!


    Barry Fagan v Wells Fargo Bank Request for Judicial Notice of the Recorded Lis Pendens with Evidence of Document Fraud and Expert Opinion of Forensic Document Examiner


    Note: Scribd allows you to expand the document for greater clarity.

  7. mario kenny says:

    Bravo to the Occupy, as it grows teeth in S Florida

  8. Steve says:

    They will probably wait until the TV Crews leave, people think they aren’t going to do anything now and then come Christmas Eve while everyone is distracted to evict them. Banks are evil and have evil intent. For them to refuse payment is ridiculous. But few know why-banks have insurance on the foreclosure default and can make 3 times the amount of the mortgage in default and foreclosure by siezing the property/evicting than they can receiving payments. I feel bad for this family. Mulitply this time 3 million. Total disruption to our way of life, tearing families, communities and country apart and all based on fraud. Largest crime and ongoing crime in the history of mankind. Truth in the end will prevail, but how long do we in this country have to endure the fraud and injustice? Those in power are blind and deaf to the cries of the people that are suffering. As difficult as it is, I believe there will be a shift and encouraged by some of the AG’s filing suit and pushing back. The odds are overwhelming, the banks create money out of thin air and have unlimited resources, but a collapse to the entire system is coming. The unjust, Federal Reserve private banking club loaning money that costs them nothing and the rest of us paying it back with slave labor, is coming to an end. Europe first and then the US. Maybe we can come up with an equitable currency that is truely a store of value and not just debt instruments. May God bless this family, protect them and allow them to keep their house.

    • incognito123 says:

      Actually the insurance fraud you speak of nets them 30X, not 3X. DISGUSTING!!!!! The profitability of foreclosures needs to be corrected so they really don’t want to foreclose, as long as it remains this way, the banksters will continue to do what is most profitable to themselves.

      • lvent says:

        This is just an outright robbery of our country!…and I don’t believe this is even about the money…they owe $700 trillion in mortgage derivatives fraud…They owe a whopping total of 1.2 Quadrillion in derivatives fraud by some estimates..They sold investments in anything with a money flow on their Wall Street Casino.They could never pay back that massive mortgage fraud debt, no matter how much they steal..This is all about NEW WORLD ORDER WORLD DOMINATION….All of the rest is a diversion from what they are really up to…If this was just about the money, they would have rather refied and collected the interest for another 40 years…there are not even enough homes to steal to pay their debt off…There is an estimated, 8 trillion in homes to steal, …and they owe $700 TRILLION in fraud…CNBC reported last year that Wall Street made 60 trillion off of mortgage derivatives in 1999 alone..This is not about the money…..at all.

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