On Foreclosure Fraud, Bondi Comes Up Short

On foreclosure fraud, Bondi comes up short

All of America is suffering. But five states have been hit particularly hard by foreclosures — and foreclosure fraud.

In four of those five states, attorneys general have aggressively stood up for their constituents.

A.G.’s in Arizona, California, Michigan and Nevada have used everything from lawsuits to criminal subpoenas to go after the fraudsters trying to improperly evict families from their homes.

And then there’s Florida.

Here, the biggest news Pam Bondi’s office has made on the foreclosure front was for ousting two of her top fraud investigators.

Oh, and also when one of her top advisors left to work for a firm her office was investigating.

Something stinks. I’ve said so for months.

And now, as the Sentinel’s Mary Shanklin detailed in her Sunday story — “Bondi lax in pursuing big lenders amid foreclosure crisis, critics say” — more people are noticing the stench.

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11 Responses to “On Foreclosure Fraud, Bondi Comes Up Short”
  1. So if FL’s AG can see harm when a Trustee fails to perform their fiduciary duties (see here: http://myfloridalegal.com/webfiles.nsf/WF/JDAS-8KMRNR/$file/BNYMellonComplaintinIntervention8-11-11.pdf ) why wouldn’t she show concern elsewhere under the FL false claims act?

    PAM BONDI what say you?

    • incognito123 says:

      Because she sees this fraud as against innocent people, yet defrauded foreclosure homeowners victims as the cause of our economy problems. Like all non-paying homeowners got together and decided not to pay something that was owed, IF it was owed at all. Of course, IF it is owed, WHO it is owed TO is VERY important, yet she ignores that, why? Ugh what a dumb a$$ BLondi is, contributing to the appearance of total ineptness to stop crimes against Floridians. Strange, why does this have a 2009 case # & filed in 2011?

  2. Beth A. says:

    MIchigan?? Really?

    The Michigan AG’s office has done nothing much at all. They have all but ignored consumer complaints.

    Ours (mortgage fraud rampant and foreclosure attorney engaged in slander of title – wrong entity foreclosing, etc.) did not respond to a filed complaint until 8 months later in which they simply said the complaint was forwarded to the banking regulator (right…).

    OMG! Add to this — they’ve “closed files” on complaints about Trott & Trott robosigning (mysteriously)…and in fact one of the staff attorneys wondered aloud why a complaint file was closed after a citizen inquiry in which multiple examples of robosigning records were presented with yet another complaint about the AG’s office ignoring certain law firms’ activities.

    Trott & Trott is coated in Teflon due to their political contributions and activities. It is as if they are untouchable…except for a lawsuit filed by the Ingham Cty registrar (a HERO). So, the reporter needed to do some serious fact checking before adding Michigan to this story. MI is standing by while its citizens are being thrown out of their homes…

  3. incognito123 says:

    Mike, all I can say is, “COMES UP SHORT” is being far to nice for BLondi. I filed a well documented complaint in June of this year, and only recently because I criticized the office for any true investigation or follow-up got a letter basically saying “we’re working on in” —– working on it in reverse gear or what????? What a joke the Florida Attorney General’s Office has become. UGH

  4. Ali says:

    This just in , Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan settles with Bank Of America for 35 mill. reported on local Fox news Chicago. She caved.

  5. Fury says:

    pam bondi— stink, stank, stunk.

    she’s a grinch and worse.

  6. Blah blah blah… boy she sure knows how to dole out the party rhetoric


  7. lizinsarasota says:

    Florida should be in the VANGUARD of investigating and prosecuting foreclosure fraud. Why aren’t we? Well, I believe it’s because Ms. Bondi and Jeff Atwater (the COO she tapped to “investigate those AG firings last spring) are ON THE TAKE.
    Let’s review:

    Contributions directly related to LPS:
    Fidelity National Financial (Atwater, 3/1/07; Bondi, 10/18/2010)
    Fidelity National Title Co. of California (Atwater, 3/1/07)
    Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
    Fidelity National Title Co. of NY (Atwater, 3/1/07)
    Fidelity National Financial Inc. – FLA PAC (Bondi, 10/18/2010, 3/31/2010)
    Fidelity Asset Management (Bondi, 6/23/2010)
    First American Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 11/19/07) now affiliated w/ Fidelity
    National Title Insurance
    Chicago Title Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
    Chicago Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
    Chicago Title & Trust (Bondi, 6/23/2010, 10/18/2010)
    Alamo Title Holding Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07; Bondi, 10/18/2010)
    Alamo Title Holding Co. (Bondi, 6/23/2010)
    LSI Title Agency Inc., Irving, TX (Bondi, 10/18/2010)
    Lender Processing Services (Bondi, 6/23/2010)
    LPS Agency Sales & Posting (Bondi, 2010)

    Bondi also took a contribution from Timothy Meenan, a registered lobbyist for Fidelity National Financial and
    Black & Meenan, Timothy Meenan’s law firm.

    Atwater got three donations from registered Fidelity lobbyists.
    a) Fiorentino + Hewitt 03/01/2007
    b) Fiorentino Group 9/23/2008
    c) Martin J. Fiorentino, Jr. 03/01/2007
    He also received two contributions from Black & Meenan, one from Philip Black and one from Black & Meenan – Timothy Meenan is a registered lobbyist for Fidelity.

    LPS-related contributors:
    Joseph Jacquot – former Bondi staffer, now working for LPS, donated to Bondi’s campaign
    Atwater: Title Industry of Florida PAC (their homepage advertises LPS)

    Holland & Knight (LPS’ in-house counsel) donated to both Bondi and Atwater

    Florida Bankers Association (trying to hurry through foreclosures) Bondi: 6/22/2010, 10/26/2010, Atwater: 03/06/2008

    And that’s just the LPS-related donations (the ones that I can figure out). Let’s not talk about the Provest donations, the donations related to Daniel C. Consuegra, the donation from Bank of America….

    Folks, she’s dirty. That’s the reason. That’s the answer.

    • Steve says:

      Wow-she is obviously conflicted. Why would the AG’s from the 4 other states deeply affected by the crisis have prosec utions (the latest was a suit filed by CA AG against Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) and nothing coming from FL. FL has been, along with Las Vegas NV ground “0” for fraudclosures. What can residents of Florida do? The state AG Sneiderman of NY is going after securitizations that most mortgages nationwide fall under-maybe a glimmer of hope for FL from an out of state sherriff. History will not be kind to Ms. Bondi as this is the biggest theft in history. Bribes blind the eyes and she has obviously taken some. Beholdin’ to the contributors. Justice will never happen if she is in control. Floridians should start a recall?

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