Erin Collins Cullaro | Florida Attorney, Document Executor, Notary, Fired Assistant AG, Now On FL Bar Grievance Committee

Grievance Committees
Thirteenth Circuit Grievance Committee “F”

Grievance committees are made up of volunteer members, at least one-third of whom are not lawyers. Each of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits has at least one such committee. The grievance committee reviews complaints with much the same purpose as a grand jury. That is, the committee decides, after a case is submitted to them by bar counsel, whether there is probable cause to believe a lawyer violated the professional conduct rules imposed by the Supreme Court of Florida and whether discipline against the lawyer appears to be warranted.
Staff Contact Jodi A. Thompson

Office City Term
Suzette Michele Marteny Vice Chair Tampa August, 2012
Michael S Hooker Designated Reviewer Tampa June, 2012
Erin Collins Cullaro Attorney Member Tampa January, 2013
Matthew Lee Felix Attorney Member Tampa October, 2014
Irene Bassel Frick Attorney Member Tampa January, 2013
Chris E Ragano Attorney Member Tampa January, 2013
Christopher Michael Sacco Attorney Member Tampa August, 2012
Rudy Fernandez * Public Member Tampa August, 2014
Lou Goldfeder * Public Member Tampa February, 2014
Maril Jacobs * Public Member Tampa May, 2013
* Public Member


Just Google Erin Cullaro’s name to get the scoop. She worked at Florida Default Law Group, a fraudclosure mill. She then got a job at the Florida Attorney General’s office. She moonlighted as a document executor (notary) at the mill. She was involved in investigating Florida Default Law Group, her previous and current employer during her tenure as an Assistant Attorney General. After this corruption was exposed in Florida media, it took a FULL YEAR for her to be fired from the FL AG’s office. She unsuccessfully threw her hat in the ring to be chosen as a candidate for a Florida judgeship. Then, she took a job at another fraudclosure mill, Shapiro Fishman Gache.

For more see Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group

Now, she’s on the committee that reviews complaints about lawyer misconduct, perhaps on her peeps at Florida Default Law Group and Shapiro Fishman Gache? Foreclosure Defense Attorneys better be on guard for more spurious charges from the Florida Bar.

Email Jodi Thompson at the Florida Bar if you have questions or concerns. Might be interesting to inquire if there are pending complaints about Erin Collins Cullaro herself.


So, lets see…

In order to make this fraudclosure thing work, we need key people in key positions throughout Florida…


Governor to Push Nonjudicial Foreclosure

CHECK – Rick Scott

Bank Friendly Attorney General

CHECK – Pam Bondi

Chief Judge to Oversee Foreclosure Mill

CHECK – Victor Tobin

Someone from the FL AG Office to Work at LPS

CHECK – Joe Jacquot, Former Deputy Attorney General now Senior Vice President of LPS Government Affairs

State Rep to Introduce A Bill to Help Banks Steal Homes

CHECK – Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples)

State Senator to Introduce Jack Booted Thug Legalization of Bank Break-In Legislation

CHECK – Michael Bennett (R-Brandenton)

State Lawmakers with Ties to or Friendly with Fraudclosure Mills

CHECK – Sen. Joe Negron (R-Stuart), Rep. George Moraitis (R-Ft Lauderdale)

State Lawmakers to introduce bills requiring fraudclosure sale notices no longer be published in independent newspapers but to be placed on fraudclosure mill, Albertelli’s own website instead.

CHECK – Sen. Steve Wise, R-Jacksonville, and Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala

FL Bar Grievance Committee Member

CHECK – Erin Collins Cullaro

Former Assistant AG to lighten settlement with frauclosure mill Marshall Watson, then immediately to to work Marshall Watson

CHECK – Mary Leontakianakos, formerly director of the FL AG’s division of economic crimes

Biased courts where judges close fraudclosure hearings, run rocket dockets, violate due process rights, ignore constitutional property rights

CHECK – Closed fraudclosure hearings in several counties across the state, rocket docket hearings, judges’ refusal to comply with well Florida’s well established rules of civil procedure

Oust Any Fraudclosure Investigators

CHECK – June Clarskon and Theresa Edwards FIRED from FL AG Office

Well, that should do it…

Don’t ya think?

You can’t make this stuff up…


h/t Mark


Response to Erin and Lisa Cullaro Defense of Notary Complaint re: Surrogate Signing & Surrogate Notarization

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  1. Gregory Dean Lemke
    Press Release of Senator Cantwell

    In letter to DOJ, Cantwell demands full investigation into robo-signing scandal and ‘pump and dump’ mortgage bubble scheme
    … … …
    … …
    “Cantwell also raised the concerns that not enough reforms are in place to effectively prevent another crisis and that victims of fraudulent mortgage schemes are not adequately compensated. Cantwell encouraged Holder to require reforms to ensure mortgage servicers don’t abuse the system again. She noted that confidence in the proper transference of notes and mortgages must be restored and clear chains of titles should be available for all mortgages. Until financial institutions can prove they have the legal authority to foreclose, Cantwell asked for the Mortgage Electronic Registration System to be shut down.”

    “A settlement with mortgage servicers must also require reforms to ensure such abuses do not happen again,” Cantwell wrote. “The goal of servicing mortgages must be accuracy and adherence to the law, not expediency and corner-cutting. Confidence must be restored that proper transference of notes and mortgages was followed and clear chains of titles are available for all mortgages. Until then, the burden of proof must be on financial institutions to prove that they have the legal authority to foreclose. The Mortgage Electronic Registration System should be dissolved and shut down, and the shortcut that allowed banks to avoid hundreds of millions, if not billions, in local fees to local registrars of deeds be closed off.”

    See More
    Maria Cantwell – U.S. Senator from Washington State
    cantwell.senate.govSee More
    Maria Cantwell – U.S. Senator from Washington State

  2. JanisL says:

    The horrendous mortgage fraud that happened in FL was enabled by Jeb Bush and his administration! As documented in SPTimes articles, they got the order to NOT investigate any complaints of fraud. You see, Jeb had to make George look good, to give the illusion of a thriving economy so as to get him re-elected. A family conspiracy, and FL and U.S. homeowners took the fall! FL residential real estate values sit at approximately 40% of their mid-2006 value, attributable to Bush-Greenspan-Jeb-Republican party and their efforts to hoodwink the U.S. voters. As for Scott, Bondi, etc.–well, all the foxes are in place and ordinary Floridians haven’t got a prayer of consumer protections from this flagrant fraud scheme in this “henhouse.” This mess will haunt us for ten years or more, and the banks are not being held accountable for their illegal taking of homes where they have no documents to prove ownership of these mortgages! Where is the Justice Dept. in all of this?

  3. Beth A. says:

    Terrific find and an outstanding inquiry into the matter!

  4. You left out FL Rep Workman (R) – Brevard County, voting to take away 3% of state employee’s paychecks to help prop up FRS (Florida Retirement System) rather than seeking reimbursement of faulty MBS investments like the state of New York and others have done. I guess that must be waaaay easier than addressing fraudulent MBS purchases by FRS. See here:

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