First Amendment Rights | Please Exercise Your Right to Redress this Dangerous Precedent Set by the Pensacola City Council Members

Do not let this violation of the man’s first amendment right to redress grievances to his government go unaddressed.

Please watch the above video and contact all members of the Pensacola City Council. It is critical these elected officials hear from American’s across our country. There was only one council member, Sherri Myers, who opposed the violation of a citizen’s first amendment rights.

Then watch the video below when Rev Monk and Sherri Myers return to discuss what just happened…


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Albert Einstein


Current City Council

Sam Hall

Council President
At Large District B

4140 Fern Court

Pensacola, Fl 32503

Cell 346-5990

Home 444-4784


P.C. Wu

3960 Potosi Road
Pensacola, Fl 32504
Home (850) 477-5279

District 1

Sherri F. Myers

District 2

P.O. Box 10576

Pensacola, Fl 32524

Home 484-0902


Maren DeWeese

District 3

2435 Semoran Drive

Pensacola, Fl 32503

Home (850) 436-5796


Larry B. Johnson

District 4

1920 E. DeSoto Street

Pensacola, Fl 32501


John Jerralds

District 5

101 Escalona Avenue

Pensacola, Fl 32503

Home (850) 433-1749


Brian Spencer

District 6


Phone 850-469-1771

Ronald Townsend

Council Vice-President
District 7

1400 N. “G” Street

Pensacola, Fl 32501

Office (850) 434-7893

Home (850) 433-0174

Fax (850) 434-7893


Megan B. Pratt

At Large District A

11 Gathering Green East

Pensacola, Fl 32502

Home (850) 434-6138