Eyes on Florida’s Fourth DCA | Mill Lawyers Get Their Way with Florida Appellate Judges

First There Was Riggs, Then Glarum, Now Duke and McLean.

When Florida’s Forth District Court of Appeals rules according to established law, rules of evidence, and statute in a way that is unfavorable to fraudclosing banks and their mill lawyers, the lawyers simply ask the judges in the 4th to change or clarify their opinion.

Happened with Riggs (Riggs 1 here and Riggs 2 here — see complete 180 degree change)

Happened with Glarum (Glarum 1 here and Glarum 2 here – see footnotes per bank request)

Now, both Duke (docket here) & McLean (docket here) are about to be amended as per mill lawyer requests.


12/07/2011 Motion For Rehearing Enrico G. Gonzalez , Appellee T –


01/04/2012 Motion For Clarification Heidi J. Weinzetl , Appellee T – 1/14


Let this court and these judges (who are up for re-election every six years) know we are all watching!

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Shapiro Fishman request for “clarification” in McLean

4 Responses to “Eyes on Florida’s Fourth DCA | Mill Lawyers Get Their Way with Florida Appellate Judges”
  1. Charles says:

    Ask Rothstein about the judicial crime family in south florida. I cant wait till the whole truth comes out.

  2. Mary says:

    C’mon…… These judges and legislators don’t care about re election. They just go to work for the mills after their terms up. They are seduced to the dark side as soon as they take office.

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    And who’s the law firm here in this motion? Shaprio and Fishman? And who is now at Shirpiro and Fishman? I do recall in the back of my mind that someone involved in this whole fraudclosure mess was now working there………

    • rictic says:

      Erin Cullaro from the AG’s office joined Shapiro. Guess they pay more than the lap-dancing Beeeaaatch Blondi does…

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