Jeff Thigpen | Robosigning: Fraud and Foreclosure (VIDEO)


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  1. Alabama John says:

    A jury of YOUR peers is scary to those wanting to screw you. Just try to get them in court and in front of your peers and watch them back up or run.

    Sue and get a jury trial. Many judges have seen enough of the BS and are wanting to get them in court. Most judges are NOt bought off, but were caught by suprise, but they are not suprised any more and waiting on them to face them in open court.

    When a court date is set, most times they will put it off or not show up at all.

    Hiow many of you reading this would like to be on a jury in a trial of someone like you being kicked out of ther house by who knows who without any proof they are the right company that is owed the mortgage payment and who knows what will happen if the right one comes along and demands their rightful payment?

    WE act like we are scared, they ones doing wrong are even more scared of you taking action against them. As long as all we do is piss and moan, they will keep on screwing us. If you can’t afford a lawyer, file it yourself, junior colleges law students or class will help you. for a few dollars but do something back that is scary for them.

    Who would sit still and let a bully beat hell out of them and not even put up their arms in a defense or even better, knock the —- out of the opponent. Why sit still in this case?

  2. Beth A. says:

    At least we have a few heros that work for the counties who are willing to stand up and say, “This is wrong!” Bless ’em!

  3. Elyse says:

    None of any of this matters people!!!

    Not one agency in our United States Government, paid for with American taxes that the agency will “protect” our rights is doing anything to “protect” our rights whatsoever!!! There is NO “PROTECTION” for the American people!

    I am over 2 years fighting this battle and after 2 years….I have come to find out that NOTHING IS WHAT WE WERE TOLD ABOUT OUR GREAT NATION. We are slaves and the only difference is our Govenment gave us credit (so we could live better than other slaves in other countries) ….now, they have taken the credit away!!

    Let me be clear to many who read this and question my words! I have gone on this journey myself and fought a battle I should have won…based on “proof” and “evidence” and “truth” and expecting “justice” based on facts!!
    Facts, law and rules do not matter! Nothing matters, all you do to prove your case, doesn’t matter!!

    The Govenment is coorupt…
    The Courts are coorupt…
    The Media is coorupt…

    There is an entire seperate “level” of power going on and it is worldwide!
    Technology has advanced our need for “people” and jobs resulting in, “people no longer able to pay their living expenses established when jobs and credit were abundant. Now, we middle class are seeking “justice” based on what rights we were told we have established in “stone” via the Bill Of Rights and Constitution and I am here to tell you…It Just Isn’t true! There is no justice….

    All I suggest to people getting “hip” to what is going on is to …DON’T LEAVE YOUR HO– USE….STOP TALKING TO THE BANKS….they are not going to help you…STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR SCAM….just stay your ground and if needed, wait to see if a sheriff will actually come and throw you and your families out to the streets!! Many have realized they are working for the banks and not their communities…

    AS for me, I am so done!! I need my “bliss” back and this situation is sucking the life out of me…The Banks offered me $25,000 to dismiss my Appeal case and walk away from my home and I have until 5pm today to make a choice!! Hmmmm….what would YOU do?

    • lvent says:

      Elyse…yes, the government is corrupt but they do get paid with taxpayer money and their pensions and health insurance….we all pay for it… far as we are slaves to them and they own us…that is what they want us to believe….remember they declared war on all of us on 9/11…..this is a war on our constitutional rights, our minds, our bodies and souls…try and not drink their kool aid….satan’s knows his time is short to get all of us into the new world order camp….the truth will set us free…they can only get away with what they can make us believe…!!

      • lvent says:

        Dont mistake corruption with the fact that they do take taxpayer money..they invest in our debt as well…the politicians are traitors…..they lie and deceive the masses and they have been for decades..people keep on believing their lies and do not realize these politicians are not signing legal binding contracts when they make promises….will the people ever wake up and realize this scam? Hiding behind the scenes it is true there is a foreign enemy who does want to take America over without firing a shot..right now they have hijacked America but they fl not own us….unless we believe the lie that we need corparate America…..we do not….they would not be a massive monopoly without all of us….stop complying and conforming..don’t buy their products…don’t use their banks and credit……boycott the NEW WORLD ORDER….!!! Throw out all of the politicians….wake up America…..!!! If the cops keep treating us like shit….revolt on the property taxes….the cops wont get paid and the pension fund money had already been spent….revolt on everything…!!!!!

    • lvent says:

      Elyse….never make a deal with the devil….I would go ahead with your appeal…obviously they never proved their standing….they know they are going to lose…..25 thousand will buy you a shed….do you want to live in a shed?

      • lvent says:

        Remember they never lent you any money and they committed massive fraud in our names…..the U.S. TAXPAYER is who paid for our homes and we bailed the dirty bastards out….they made hundreds of trillions from this collateral mortgage fraud they committed…..they sold interests in these mortgages hundreds of times per property…..they owe 700 trillion dollars to their cohorts and minions….if they took back every house they could never pay back their debt….this is all about the new world order stealing everything from all if us…and they made that theft very lucrative for their perps……… have to get mad…..they want you to feel you cant win…remember…their debt is UNSUSTAINABLE……no matter how much they steal they can never pay back their debt!!!!!

  4. LP says:

    Jeff Thigpen is persuasive in this documentary about robosigning. Let’s hope the video circulates in non-foreclosure circles and educates those who exclusively blame irresponsible homeowners for the financial mess.

  5. William says:

    They cover up. Therefore they knew. If they did not know, but now cover up, they know, and they are accessories after the fact, and guilty of obstruction of justice. No one covers up for anyone but themselves, or they are bribed. Either way. They are as guilty as the rest, because they obstruct justice.
    I think we are going to find out that the AG’s offices nationwide are full of attorneys who were on the take and are most criminally involved in the mortgage fraud rackets then anyone. They committed the crimes, then are in the position to cover it all up.
    At the least , these AG offices are full of criminal defense attorneys who likely represent the attorneys involved in the rackets, and others involved in the rackets.

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