‘Illicit Practice’ | Allonge by Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

Allonge by Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

This allonge appears to be wrong in so many ways.

Crystal Moore is employed by Nationwide Title Clearing, under investigation for fraud by Illinois Attorney General. She does not work at Saxon Mortgage.

From a July 21, 2011 Illinois publication, The Woodford Times:

A group of 12 county recorders in Illinois are providing documents to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for her investigation into an illicit practice relating to the national real estate and subsequent foreclosure crises, known as “robo-signing.”

“Robo-signing is actually a variety of practices. It can be mortgages individuals signing a document that they have no idea of what’s contained within the document and without verifying the information,” said Champaign County Record Barb Frasca. “It can mean someone forging an executive signature on a document or using their own name on the document with a fake title.”

Madigan launched her investigation earlier this year into Lender Processing Services and Nationwide Title Clearing, two of the largest loan servicing companies in the country.
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Crystal Moore executing a document as a Vice President of Saxon which is acting as -attorney-in-fact-for JP Morgan seems a bit of a stretch of the usual industry propaganda about corporate resolutions bestowing authority to sign on behalf of third parties.

I guess this is part of their imaging services…

Copy of allonge below…

Link to the video deposition of Crystal Moore here…




Crystal Moore Allonge for Saxon

17 Responses to “‘Illicit Practice’ | Allonge by Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing”
  1. No one deserves to get unjust enrichment. But, these criminals need to return us to our financial status, as we were, before they screwed us, I mean, before they determined what kind of loan that would steal our equity, our property, our identities,& our livelyhoods. Unless they can turn back time, this is ‘PRICELESS’. But do not worry about having to figure out a possible dollar amount, our protection agencies, and legal system are just as corrupt. We continue to sit on the curb like wounded sheep instead of standing up for our RIGHTS!!! I am only one homeowner, but I’m giving them HELL. Rita Cheche (757)427-0075, call anytime…

  2. macy says:

    Saw an interesting question on another site and thought I would see if anyone here knows the answer.
    If your home was already foreclosed on how would you get your NOTE back and in your possession? To me, it is yours and you should have it back. Any takers on this one?

  3. William says:

    Aren’t FRAUD-CLOSURE lawsuits FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS? Why isn’t there a law firm that takes on the fraud-closures and obtains their compensation via the courts forcing the plaintiffs (fraud-closures) to pay the attorney fees and court costs to the defendants. FORCE THE FRAUD-CLOSURE PERPS TO PAY! In fact, where fraud is involved in a plaintiff’s court action, damages must be incorporated into the equation.
    Further, Lawyers who are proven to have committed, or aided and abetted fraud, MUST BE PERMANENTLY DISBARRING!!!.

  4. Teri Hinkle says:

    Well the answer is…….. STOP BEING VICTIMS…. AND START BEING PLAINTIFF’S Turn the tables and sue the pants off the thieves in Federal Court. It isn’t hard to learn your rights and the consumer laws the attorneys don’t study, don’t understand and can’t effectively fight. They are used to winning by default. All they understand is procedure, deceit and trickery so if you understand the law… check mate and cha ching!


  5. lvent says:

    The allonge transfers nothing without b and c…a to d transfers nothing…….

  6. Wake Up America! says:

    Crystal is so hot! I don’t know why she has resorted to a career in forgery when she could easily find a “Sugar Daddy” to take care of her. Well, it does look like she consumes a lot of sugar and she does resemble a daddy. I think it will be “allonge” time before she finds one!

  7. Ali says:

    IVent, no wonder I never recieved two documents that were filed with the Recorders office. I’m still trying to find the law you speak of.

    • lvent says:

      Ali, please let me know if you find it…I have not found proof of this yet either..I filed a complaint with the mortgage fraud Dept at the recorders office 3 weeks ago…still haven’t heard back….not really surprised but they will be hearing from me soon..
      I wiil report their findings when I get them…

  8. lvent says:

    I was in fraudclosure court today….and listening to the cases…in one case the attorney for the homeowner said to the judge…I don’t even know if a mortgage exists your honor….and I would like to see it…! The judge smiled and chuckled believe it or not….I could not hear what he told that attorney but my take was….he wondered the same thing…my sister got a stay from her eviction by CHASE today…the attorney that she hired after she got fraudclosed on told her he thinks he can save the day for them by getting them a loan mod…..sounds like he has been hanging out in a room with Jamie dimon .

  9. Ali says:

    They should put a freeze on the ability of any company to file whatever the hell they want at the recorders office. One goes down and all they do is change thier name or get assumed by another company. How about Corelogic. They used to be attached to Experian then they split and Corelogic is doing the same thing right here in Illinois, they are run by someone who used to work for Fannie Mae. Also tied to First American Title.
    These vultures are everywhere and should not be allowed to file anything with the Recorders Office unless they can prove that they have the right to, like MERS. I feel so screwed. They are like zombies, you can’t kill.

    • lvent says:

      The clerk at the recorder of deeds office told me that Illinois passed a law as of JAN..1st…$1000.00 fine for recording a fraudulent document…

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Ivent – you live in Illinois…do you know what the status of this investigation that was started back in July of this year by this Madigan person? Have they brought forth any info or results of the robo signing??

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, I think.the result of that probe and MERS is no settlement so far with the banks……that was the irobo-signing nvestgstion by 49 of the state AGs and illinois AG Lisa Madgans office was one of them. That was October 13, 2010..that brought on the brief moratorium we had that fall. The dirty crooks are still fraudclosing with impunity even though the fraud is massive….I was in fraudclosure court yesterday Bobbi and there is no end in sight that I can see.

  10. Jason Werner says:

    There is a guy named ANTHONY SOWELL from the Cleveland area. He is a recently convicted serial killer. He lived in a house on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland, which was his mother’s house according to court records. According to county records, the mortgage was with Freedom Financial with Crystal Moore’s signature on assignment stuff from Lehman Brothers. I got a kick out of the paperwork at the County Recorder’s office.

    • angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

      i’d be willing to bet -nowhere on the “assignment of mortgage” is there a serial killer clause.
      so there is no need to scrutinize her signature ,so just cut her some slack

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