Exclusive | Wells Fargo Claim Against AHMSI for $483 Million for “Known and Unknown Document Deficiencies”

What was Missing Then has been Fabricated Now

Files from the AHMSI bankruptcy sent to us by a Florida foreclosure defense attorney.

From our source:

Spreadsheet of loan-level exception reports for six American Home Mortgage SEC Trusts, courtesy of Master Servicer Wells Fargo. Plus exception report document codes (from another trust, but they all seem to match up).

Anyone with an American Home Mortgage originated mortgage can search for their loan number & see what documents are missing from their collateral file. If any of those missing docs have been filed w/the court as “originals”, then there are valid concerns and questions as to the authenticity of the “original documents” that were previously deemed “missing”.

Wells Fargo is trustee of the six securitizations listed in these filings (the names are listed on page 12 of the “A” link). Wells filed a claim in the AHMSI bankruptcy for over $483 million for “document deficiencies” (see link A page 3 item ‘B’). Then there follows an exhibit that was so big it’s broken up into 5 linked documents, listing loan numbers and the trust and the missing documents, page after page after page of “paperwork technicalities”

American Home Mortgage Securities Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2004-1 (AHMIT2004-1)

American Home Mortgage Securities Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2004-2 (AHMIT2004-2)

Merrill Lynch Alternative Note Asset Trust 2007-A1 (MANA 2007-A1)

Merrill Lynch Alternative Note Asset Trust 2007-A2 (MANA 2007-A2)

Merrill Lynch Alternative Note Asset Trust 2007-AF1 (MANA 2007-AF1)

Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust 2006-F2 (MLMI 2006-F2)

Please view the documents below by clicking the magnifying glass icon to get the true impact of the number of documents missing in only six trusts.




AHMSI Missing Documents A

AHMSI Missing Documents B

AHMSI Missing Documents C

AHMSI Missing Documents D

AHMSI Missing Documents E

Exception Report Document Codes


6 Responses to “Exclusive | Wells Fargo Claim Against AHMSI for $483 Million for “Known and Unknown Document Deficiencies””
  1. neidermeyer says:

    The title of the article got me all excited but I think this is against the defunct AHM and not the current AHMSI owned by Wilbur Ross.. It’s still VERY significant just for a smaller population.

    P.S. What’s happening in that Texas lawsuit between AHMSI and LPS ?

  2. readdocs says:

    Much of the fraud will never be legally cleared, unless this clearance goes on for a generation.
    It’s that deep.

  3. MARIO KENNY says:

    so the siht is now all over da place

  4. Richard Neva says:

    My home mortgage is with those slime balls at Wells Fargo and they are the last in line of a series of mortgage holders that passed my mortgage along because it was toxic, yet I have never missed a payment and I want to get to the bottom of this scam. What do I have to do to get what is coming to me in gross interest charges?

    • CJ says:

      This does concern the defunct AHM; the company originated and pooled many mortgage loans into securitized trusts. I think four or five of those trusts are referred to in these documents. It might be useful to know which documents were missing or incomplete during the securitization process when defending a foreclosure action brought by the trustee or AHMSI on behalf of the trust.

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