Vistas Homeowner Association | 81-Year-Old Korean War Veteran Foreclosed on for a Measly $338.91

“I don’t understand it. I never seen a situation like this in all my life,” said the Chicago native, who is twice widowed. “Nobody didn’t give me this house. I bought it with blood, sweat and tears.”


Homeowners association pursues extreme option — foreclosure — against Korean War veteran

A measly $338.91.

That’s how much Sherman McCray owed his homeowner association when the board of directors foreclosed on his Clermont house.

Of course, the debt wasn’t just $338.91 by the time a Lake County judge on Jan. 3 ordered the 81-year-old Korean War veteran’s home sold.

Oh, no. Between 2010 when McCray failed to pay a homeowners assessment and that final hearing, the all-powerful homeowner association in the Vistas subdivision had levied late fees, costs and interest, and it had busied itself running up absurd lawyer bills by sending threatening letters at every turn.

Total cost now: $4,272.24.

On March 13, McCray’s house is to be sold to pay the debt, and the retired long-haul trucker who uses a wheelchair most of the time will be thrown out, along with his graying Labrador retriever named Mac.

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  1. Alex says:

    As they say …….ignorance of the law is no excuse not to comply and pay your association bill
    so others don’t have to support your share of the unpaid maintenance. The main problem
    here is that lawyers fees are so expensive. The law should be changed to allow associations to
    foreclose easily with just a paralegal in small claims court where lawyers don’t have to
    be hired at $300 an hour. .

  2. HOA_Connedo says:


    U.S. Government stole our home and retirement and *refused* to prosecute HOA embezzlement crimes.

    We and permanently disabled/semi-retired and *refuse* to *reward* a corrupt government with our hard-earned tax money!!! There are plenty of more-deserving countries that need our tax money (and don’t steal hard-working people’s homes!)

    U.S. Embassy here we come with our U.S. citizenship RENUNCIATION papers! ADIOS!

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    Lisa @ 4closurefraud: will you follow up on this (Beth’s posting)? We all want to know that all is good with this vet! Thanks.

  4. Beth A. says:

    Great news on our veteran homeowner! Thanks to all you good souls who jumped in on this with me!

    I heard back from the reporter who broke this story — she returned an email that said:


    we’ve started a fund already, and to be honest, i feel sure we have it covered. thanks for your note. yes, it’s a pretty sad story, and the HOA is unreasonable.

    i think that mr. mccray’s house assessment will be paid off by the first of next week.

  5. Beth A. says:


    I am so sorry about what happened at your grandfather’s furneral. They showed up for my father’s (WWII) and did a fine job. He’s buried at a military cemetary – so I’m sure they’re on-site often. But, sadly I think at the administrative level these offices sometimes gets things in a bundle. I’ve noticed this in trying to submit data for my oldest son (over and over again). But, this in no way is an excuse for missing a veteran’s furneral.

    From our family to yours, please accept our sincere respect and appreciation for your grandfather’s service to our country.

    May God Bless,


  6. lvent says:

    I am going to try and post this interesting you tube video..if it does not tube search the words..Bankers Murdered Both Kennedy’s For Executive Order 11110 Treasury Print..Interest Free Money..

    • lvent says:

      Please check out the adjoining videos..They help connect the dots to this massive global conspiracy and the coverup of all of their crimes is the reason we are all here today…..

      • lvent says:

        Lots of news from Illinois today..The Illinois Supreme court ruled cameras are now allowed in courtrooms…! Senator Mark Kirk had a serious stroke today….long recovery time expected.

  7. lvent says:

    The banks are vultures!…the judge who ordered this action should be forced to resign..he is a traitor to his fellow man..! Pitchforks and torches are in order!

  8. Wake Up America! says:

    And I will make a donation in memory of my late uncle, also a WWII veteran.

    I am also going to forward this story to the office of Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    What the hell is wrong with people? Surely the president of the homeowners association had to know this was an elderly man (and usually elderly is associated with health issues). I agree with Beth – let’s get this story out and make sure the president’s name is highlighted.

    This is just more sad commentary on what our society has become. I’m sure there will some jackasses out there (not on this site, of course) saying this man deserves to lose his home for not paying a bill. I am pissed, angry and saddened at what we’ve become as a nation.

    • Wake Up America! says:

      Okay folks – let’s get involved. The VFW is a very active organization. They take care of their own. Here’s some contact info:

      VFW National Headquarters – Kansas City (816)756-3390
      VFW Florida Headquarters – (352)622-5126 or email

      Visit the VFW’s main site where there is a video message from actor Gary Sinese (Lt. Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump). Mr. Sinese is very active in helping veterans. Please consider visiting his web site where you can send him a message regarding Mr. McCray’s situation:

      I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow morning with the VFW. I’m sure the American Leigon would be glad to help as well (I’ll post their info later).

      If you choose to contact Mr. Case the attorney, his information is available online as well. Not that is till make a difference, but Mr. Case will be hearing from me. There is only one listing for a Mary Goldin in the Orlando area and that number has been disconnected (imagine that).

      This is our chance to let a veteran know we care and we want to help. Forward this story to everyone you know.

  9. Beth A. says:

    Bobbi –

    Thank you for your kind posting.

    My 4 sons (ages 11 thru 18) were outraged after I read this story aloud and agreed that we could all help. A small group can make changes in lives – and goodness, we need to do something to thank this elderly veteran for his service and to show him that people still care! His house is paid for – it fries me that the HOA can take his whole home for such a pittance.

    I found the story in the newspaper – it looks like the gentleman has an attorney now but I sent the reporter an email to make this suggestion (raise funds amongst a few of us bankster haters) – and to pass on my info to the elderly gentleman and his attorney. If they would accept help if nothing can be done legally — then it would be terrific if a group of us could step in.

    Thank you so much and to anyone else who might feel their heart simularly tugged.

  10. Beth A. says:

    This sort of thing just FRIES me.

    OK, I think that Matt Weidner or Lisa Epstein (someone w/a healthy media following) should contact the firm and let ’em know that their readership is pissed — and that if they will modify the fees down to a reasonable figure – the readership will chip into an account for the benefit of this veteran and we will pay it so he can stay in his home…and if acceted – we won’t skewer them.

    Surely HOAs worry about reputations as no one wants to buy a home run by an HOA such as this — and likely they operate several properties — so let’s get ’em.

    If this is agreeable – and an account is set up for this purpose – let us know. I will donate in the name of my fahter, a WWII veteran who died just before my 14th birthday.



    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Me too, Beth. My whole family has been service oriented, one way or the other. I don’t hae much, but I will give what I can to such an exceptional cause.

      • lvent says:

        My grandfather served in WW II..and guess what?..the military did not show up for his funeral to play taps…which is done for veterans out of respect by I think the VFW……they accidentally went to the wrong cemetary supposedly….He was buried at Holy Sepluchre..where Al Capone and the Daleys are all buried..and it is the only cemetary by that name in the State..My aunt said just as well…my father hated the army..! True, but I still think it was incredibly disrespectful! They held up my Grandfathers funeral and they never showed up!

      • lvent says:

        My point is there is no respect for our military men…and no protection for the American people from having everything stolen from us under the guise of debt….These crooked banks owe $700 TRILLION IN MORTGAGE FRAUD!..SHUT THEM DOWN..! THEY ARE SIMPLY BEING ALLOWED TO STEAL AMERICA FOR DEBT THESE WALL STREET CROOKS CAN NEVER REPAY!!!

      • lvent says:

        The banks are now preying on the elderly and hiding behind the homeowners association …! Despicable!

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