Abigail Field | Seeing Through Team Obama’s False Talking Points On the Latest Bank Giveaway


Seeing Through Team Obama’s False Talking Points On the Latest Bank Giveaway

It’s incredibly important that you–voters–understand that you are being lied to right now by your Federal Government and Team Obama.

Tomorrow a still secret deal will be announced and signed by the Bailed-Out Banks (B.O.B.s), our Federal Government, and an unknown but probably tragically high number of states attorneys general. You’ll hear this deal called a “Robo-signing settlement”, though it’s impossible to see how it can end the fraudulent manufacture of evidence by creditors in foreclosure cases. You might also hear it called a “mortgage servicer settlement”, because the B.O.B.’s conduct while wearing their mortgage servicing hats is supposedly the focus of the deal. But here’s how it should be known: The United States’s Latest Lavish/Slavish Gift to the Bailed-Out Banks Settlement.

To help you see through Team Obama’s talking points to the reality of the deal, I’m going to post a few translations. See, any chance we have of achieving good housing policy hinges on you and your neighbors and friends not falling for their snow job, and your letting Team Obama know you’re not buying what they’re selling. This first translation focuses on the person who speaks for the United States on housing policy:U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan.

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  1. lvent says:

    Only if you know the truth, can you see who the traitors are…..that would be pretty much ALL of the politicians, their minions and cohorts…..The only honest one that I see who ever did the job they said they would do …Is Eliot Spitzer…Elliot Spitzer for President 2012..! He will throw all of throw traitors out….including the FED…I believe Eliot Spitzer is one of the last and only Politicians who is willing to put PARIOTISM before profits..and therefore, U.S. SOVEREIGNTY BEFORE PROFITS….He saw what they were trying to do to this country over a decade ago and tried to stop them… No one can go up against these criminals alone…we ALL need to get involved!!

  2. Katheryn says:

    It makes no difference who you vote for they are one and the same when all is said and done. Something else I haven’t seen mentioned that I think is important is tax increases. In a campaign year there is no dirtier word than “tax increase”. Those two words can lose an election. Here’s another angle to take a peek at:

    1. Banksters were excellent in their plan to drive housing prices through the ceiling for many years. I won’t reiterate the fraud and quadzillions of dollars made and of which many many crooks have billions stashed off shore. It was a carefully and quite well orchestrated plan from day one.

    2. After fraudently making goobs of loot off of each note or borrower’s signature, oops, the bubble bursts (now who wudda thunked it).

    3. Oh Boy, the fraudsters are frothing at the mouth and hire pit bulls (opps, lawyers) all over the place and can’t file foreclosure notices fast enough.

    4. All the insiders have been forming investment companies to help poor Fannie Mae get rid of all these excess homes sitting around empty after kicking the families to the curb. What to do what to do. Too many houses no one to fill em. Hmm..now isn’t that convenient, we have some nice helpful fellas that want to help Fannie Mae with their over abundance of stock. Ok..Fannie Mae…we will set up huge global rentals to help you with your problem of overloaded inventory. However, we drive a very hard bargain and must get very HUGE discounts. Oh you fellas have come to our rescue, thank you so much for helping our fine friends here at FM. We very much appreciate your business.

    Note: what these mobsters did not account for was that the hoodwinked homeowners would start catching on and deciding to fight back, which is truly a drag for these good fine fellas who figured they would have owned far more homes by this time to help the deadbeats become good doobie renters. However, they are still buying up plenty so they will patiently wait for the justice system and the government to cut the deals leaving the banks and FM off the hook.

    5. Now back to the words politicians hate…tax increase. Once most of us become renters are taxable income will be much higher as we will lose that reduction to reduce our taxable income. Think about the staggering increase, again, off the backs of the 99% and all without ever using those nasty words. They just sneak another plan right past us thinking we are too dumb to read between the lines and connect the dots. I will admit it was the master plan of all plans. Madoff saw what was taking place and just copied off the best of them!

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    I guess this has to be posted for all those that still wear blinders but we all know that he has been lying since he took his oath and even that was a lie! Ivent has been trying to inform everybody here of the schemes behind the lies…..thank God for people like Ivent!!!!


    “Barry Fagan v Wells Fargo Bank

    Reply Brief with Expert Opinion of CPA Shawn P Adamo and Forensic document examiner Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel concerning Wells Fargo’s bank and document fraud.


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