Toxic Titles | Imagine buying a home, putting money into it, then months later finding out you don’t really own it.

Home wrongfully sold in Livingston County

Imagine buying a home, putting money into it, then months later finding out you don’t really own it. Seems crazy, but it happened to a Mount Morris couple.

Apparently, Livingston County sold them a home claiming it was foreclosed on, but in reality the bank had the rights to it. Anne Sapienza, the town of Leicester’s sole assessor says it all happened.

Sapienza said, “It was a mistake, and it was missed but I don’t know why it was missed.”

The home was classified as a single family dwelling, but you can see it is actually a mobile home. Sapienza says it was classified that way so they could value it properly, but to be clear it was described as a mobile home on the town’s website. Something, she says, was missed when the county looked into foreclosing the home.

Sapienza said,”If someone went out and took a picture you can see it was a manufactured home.”

All the problems started after the county sold it for $53,000 at a tax foreclosure auction in July. News10NBC spoke to Kevin Van Allen, the lawyer representing the family who bought the home.

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7 Responses to “Toxic Titles | Imagine buying a home, putting money into it, then months later finding out you don’t really own it.”
  1. marilyn lane says:

    I personally know that the sale of forged titles goes back to at least 1997.
    Fidelity Title knowingly insured the forged titles in order to collect fees and
    hoped no true owner would ever be the wiser or that a trueowner would not have
    enought resources to fight the crooks at Fidelity and other title companies.

    Before the world knew that Fidelity was producing the forged documents
    and registering them in the land r4ecords they
    were screwing the country.

    good they got caught.

    And when they did in mycase they bribned Judge Alice Schlesinger.

  2. StuckinSoPa says:

    Buy ANYTHING built, bought, sold , resold, foreclosed upon, etc., in the last ten or more years, TAKE YOUR CHANCES. Better off renting.

  3. lvent says:

    To many Americans do not realize by participating in this manufactured rotten economy that they are aiding and abetting the robbery of America.

  4. Liberty & Justice says:

    This is why I am not selling real estate. I can not sell products to the consumer just to have them find out they bought a stolen property. If a buyer crosses my path and they want to buy a home, if they don’t want New Construction or a home that has never been foreclosed upon, then I pass on their business.

    I have a home that was illegally foreclosed upong. Not sure what to do about it after the fact. I’ve been told to put a claim on the title. Not quite sure how to go about doing that. But I am sure pissed that the bank foreclosed upon my home using robo signing, MERS, never process served me and filed the ASG 45 days after the sale date!

    • Pamela Edwards says:

      I don’t know about any place else but in WA. state they use a title 12 exception which means your on title just at the bottom after everyone and everything else.Most people are not aware of this and figures the title co knows what they are doing.It’s a big scam.

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      I agree with you…my conscience and what they are trying to do to me does not allow me to sell any homes since 2008…don’t even have the desire to sell anyone anything if it is not all cash…no financing.What a mess they have made with out profession…but not all share the same sentiments.

  5. Pamela Edwards says:

    Wow this just shows how bad our land record system really is.Hope the family gets back what they paid for it and can move on.This is happening all over the country it’s just we only hear about it in bits and pieces.Our news media the vast majority of them are bought and paid for by the TBTF banks and they keep everything shrouded in the shadows.Wish this family luck.

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