Under Attack | Pool Guy, Landscaper of $18 Million Foreclosure Winner, Lynn Szymoniak, Subpoenaed by Akerman Senterfitt

“Until I can pay this mortgage off, Deutsche Bank will just continue to run up fees and try to harass the living hell out of me”

Now – in what other foreclosure ON EARTH are depositions being scheduled of the yard maintenance and pool service guys???

I guess this is what happens when you dare to stand up to the banks.


Pool guy, landscaper of $18 million foreclosure winner subpoenaed

by Kim Miller

The pool guy, plumber and lawn man for a Palm Beach Gardens homeowner who recently won an $18 million settlement in a foreclosure-related lawsuit are being sought for questioning by the bank still seeking to repossess her home.

Lynn Szymoniak, a 63-year-old attorney who specializes in white collar crime, shot to national fame last year when she was featured on the CBS news show 60 minutes for her role in uncovering widespread mortgage and foreclosure fraud after finding it in her own 2008 case.

This month, it was announced she would receive $18 million from a whistle-blower lawsuit filed under the federal False Claims Act, which allows the government to bring civil actions against entities that knowingly use or cause the use of false documents to obtain money from the government.

Deutsche Bank, which filed to foreclose on $759,428 in unpaid principal against Szymoniak in 2008, sent notice to her attorney Monday that it plans to depose eight companies that have done work on her home including her plumber, air conditioning repair firm, landscaper and two pool service companies.

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And you know what else pisses me off?

Last year, shortly after appearing on 60 Minutes, Deutsche Bank’s case was thrown out of court after it was ruled it couldn’t prove ownership of the mortgage. It re-filed the foreclosure in May, but also included Szymoniak’s son, Mark Cullen, in the case. Cullen, who was not on the mortgage, was a graduate student living in New York at the time.

“Now, every time my son fills out a loan application he has to say he was sued for foreclosure,” Szymoniak said, noting that Deutsche eventually dropped Cullen from the suit.

Copy of the subpoena below…





16 Responses to “Under Attack | Pool Guy, Landscaper of $18 Million Foreclosure Winner, Lynn Szymoniak, Subpoenaed by Akerman Senterfitt”
  1. jaclyn says:

    Yes..next move… 60 minutes

  2. dRp says:

    I’ve seen no suggestions as to how depositions of those working on Lynn’s home would be used. She should motion for an order to deny.
    Any suggestions what the fishing expedition is for, perhaps a home equity loan was used to pay for the work, hence the possibility of an ‘equitable lien’?

    please email me dRp@forecloseyou.com, I have similar situation with my daughter

    • incognito123 says:

      Yea, like they were there when she purportedly signed the purported mortgage, were in possession of it for the last several years, AND they have personal first hand knowledge of the facts of her case. Ugh, these attorneys should be in jail for their crimes!

  3. Wake Up America! says:

    Maybe the bank is trying to find the PSA – pool servicing agreement.

    In all seriousness, this is pure harassment. Lynn should sue these dirtbag lawyers.

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      Wake Up…that was goo…it made me chuckle…but I know it is serious stuff…wonder if they are bribing them to talk?

  4. gregory says:

    She needs to go back on 60 min. and show the world what kind of scum lurks around our and her home.I would think 60 min would possibly spend a whole show on this alone. Then lets make sure they portray dushe bank ans pond scum which they are….

  5. incognito123 says:

    I hope she DOES NOT pay off that purported loan, if they can’t prove their case THEY DON’T HAVE ONE!!! But if she does settle, it better be on HER terms!!!

  6. David Robert says:

    have you ever noticed the signatures of these scum sucking attorneys? they cannot sign there name, they all look the same, they know what they are doing, lies, lies, lies, and their signatures reflect their in-congruencies.

    • neidermeyer says:

      You’re right ,, the first two “signatures” and the last 3 have matching characteristics , they look as if they were signed by 2 different people ,, secretaries perhaps..

  7. leapfrog says:

    Douche bank. Aptly named.

  8. lvent says:

    This ongoing harrassment and terrorizing of the American people who funded and paid for everything in this country is a disgrace..! I have 2 examples that have occurred in one week to myself and my family…I just had Fannie Mae here a couple of hours ago taking pics of my home and threatening my 16 year old daughter with bodily harm…..The attorney for the pretender lender who has no legal assignment sent me a request for discovery…when they never produced one document that I requested to date nor ever responded to my answer to their fraudclosure complaint as being completely BOGUS….!

  9. TheHutMaster says:

    This is unreal and frankly pisses me off too.

    These dirt bags MUST be jailed for their crimes AND….. SUED for HARRASSMENT!

    God Speed Lynn, I we are ALL behind you.

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day

  10. At what point does the HARASSMENT lawsuit proceed? If they are taking extreme measures that are not typical of a foreclosure proceeding, then you have to put a reason to it.

    We are fighting by your side Lynn!

    • Hannah says:

      Right? Isn’t there a law against frivolous lawsuits? It’s not like the bank can do damage control to their image, either.

      Is it simply policy with these companies to keep fighting like a Pit Bull no matter how much money gets wasted or how obvious it is that they are wrong?

      • DanJS says:

        It is my understanding that many of these “attorneys” who claim to be representing banks/investors do not have the authority from anyone to pursue foreclosure cases…… Mortgage servicers simply hire “foreclosure mills” and provide them with information they’ve dredged up from closing documents and/or public records and instruct the “lawyers” to sue.

        Defense attorneys and Pro Se litigants are not asking the court to prove either standing to sue or for the “attorneys” of the Mortgage Servicers to prove they have the authority to sue from those they claim they are “representing.”

        It used to be that the courts granted a level of “trust” to any member of the bar who came into their courts…. The Judges simply refuse to believe that the “counselors… the ‘officers of the court’ ” who are standing before them could possibly have the chutzpah to actually defraud the court and sully “the legal process.”

        It’s sad that jurists who once valued their personal reputations highly have “stooped” so low that they do not demand honesty and trustworthiness from bar members… and require proof that documents presented by them are truthful and beyond possible reproach.

        Shame on these judges !!!

        If they cannot trust the attorneys, they must adminstratively require verification of all documents presented as evidence! Some courts are doing this…. Kudos to them (and them alone)!

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