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Eliot Spitzer, Matt Taibbi, Van Jones: Superstar Lineup Tackles Financial Crisis and Congressional Collusion

The public conversation about the incestuous and nefarious links between congressional financial deregulation and Wall Street greed, which produced the fiasco known as the Great Recession of 2007, is about to get much hotter next week.

The NYC-based Culture Project, known for cutting-edge theater productions like the powerful The Exonerated and the brilliant Bridge and Tunnel, featuring the multi-talented Sarah Jones, will blend theater, journalism and some of the sharpest tongues in public life, to help hold the American political system accountable.

On Tuesday, March 27 you can watch a live-stream from Georgetown University featuring the verbal pyrotechnics of Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York; Matt Taibbi, the journalist best known for documenting the obscene behavior of Goldman Sachs; Van Jones, the honcho behind Rebuild the American Dream; Heather McGhee of Washington Demos; best-selling author Ron Suskind; and OWS activist Jesse La Greca. Hosting this powerhouse lineup is the indefatigable Dylan Ratigan, who skewers the failures of the corporate system everyday from his perch at MSNBC.

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