Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Motion to Purge Lender Processing Services’ (LPS) Accidentally Leaked Internal Email

Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Motion to Purge Lender Processing Services’ (LPS) Accidentally Leaked Internal Email

So yesterday we put up some documents that were accidentally leaked from LPS.

The conversation evolves like this:

“Yikes! The name of the foreclosing party (HSBC as Trustee for Deutsche Bank Alt-A 2007-BAR1) matches the name on the affidavit of amount owed BUT that name doesn’t match what is in our system. It’s pretty far into the legal foreclosure process. What should we do now?”

“Hey, no problemo! We have two options; 1) change the name now and possibly be hit with higher homeowner association fees or 2) quit claim deed the home over to the right name after the sale, but that will cost documentary stamp taxes. The doc stamp taxes will probably be less costly than the HOA fees. Please advise.”

“Go with the quit claim deed (QCD). After the foreclosure sale to the trust, just deed the home over to Bank of America! Problem solved.”

Today, we would like to do a little follow up by attaching the motion to purge the email from the court file…

Motion to Purge LPS

Even though they may get the emails “purged” from the court file, they may have a little more difficulty getting this now public record “purged” from the internets…

See you at the hearing!

There is more to come on this..


10 Responses to “Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Motion to Purge Lender Processing Services’ (LPS) Accidentally Leaked Internal Email”
  1. dRp says:

    They should just go ahead and throw this in with PINO and have it immediately heard by the Supreme Court in a few weeks.

  2. I think I may have found evidence, that shows the collusion by lenders to fix interest rates through the FNMA loan orgination mechanism and appraisal controls. Two pieces of evidence. When you tried to shop interest rates by applying to more than one bank, what happened? The Credit Reporting Agencies which were controled by the banks dinged your credit score, as we liked to say in the mortgage industry. Secondly, even when the borrower paid for the appraisal, regulations stated that it was the banks appraisal and therefore to submit the same appraisal to another lender, it had to be released by the first lender which of course, they would seldom do. They even had appraisers place the lenders name as the Lender of record on the appraisal. Interestly, the loan orgination system appears to have allowed the major lenders to have potential access to most loan applications through FNMA and Freddie Mac before the loans were approved. Need to have this verified.

    If anyone else has any additional thoughts, perhaps there are additional RICO problems for the Banksters.

  3. incognito123 says:

    Look at the statute regarding sealing/ purging, ALSO, third parties should be able to object to the purging.

  4. PA Attorney says:

    This communication may not be privileged and therefore no waiver occurred. LPS’s desktop system includes a feature called “intercom” which many people have access to: servicers, attorneys, vendors and LPS employees to name a few. The name alone,”intercom,” indicates that messages are widely disseminated to the entire body of LPS users, not merely between attorney and client. Moreover, intercom messages can be viewed by anyone looking up the file in the desktop system. In this case, the client and attorney undoubtedly communicated via “intercom” knowing full well that many people could access it. Under such circumstances it is arguable that the communication was never privileged in the first place. I’ve been wondering for quite some time why LPS introduced a system that completely destroys attorney client privilege and when someone would have an opportunity to argue communications via LPS desktop lack confidentiality.

  5. John Anderson says:

    They always use the lie, that is the cheapest to use.
    Yes spread it about, I smell a lot of Judges getting hip to the fraud, and they do not give a damn about the 50 state AG seltilment, that no one understands, including the AGs.

  6. readdocs says:

    Faster please!

  7. Mo says:

    Is this what happened here too? it’s in Pinellas County with the same attorneys case number 09005718CI uniform case # 522009CA005718XXCICI

  8. zurenarrh says:

    We are watching you HSBC/Deutsche/whoever you really are! You can’t make us “un-know” what we now know about you!

  9. David Robert says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

    Just more evidence that clearly shows that the Bank and their legal council thieves have to cover up or lie about everything they do.

    Keep the spot light on their asses, let this info go viral.

  10. Too late! It’s unpurge-able! Ha!

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