Matt Weidner | I Beat The Hell Out of Another Client Yesterday… It Was (another) One of Those Bloody, Nasty Messes…

“I didn’t want to talk down to him or disrespect him in front of his wife, so I just started pounding on him… just beating the living daylights out of him.  He quickly turned into a groveling, bloody mess… his wife pulling out a handkerchief and trying her best to wipe off the blood.  He rolled down onto the ground and I delivered a few good kicks just to drive home the point a little further.”


I Beat The Hell Out of Another Client Yesterday… It Was (another) One of Those Bloody, Nasty Messes…

I tried explaining to them over and over again that no one cared about their hopeless story… but they refused to listen… they kept staring back at me with those pleading, grand parent eyes, “but you’re a lawyer and the judges have to listen” They pleaded. “We live in a nation of laws and the judges have to stand up for us and do what’s right.” More with their hopeless delusions. “But you can see right here all the lies and the fraud and the errors in the bank’s paperwork.” Yeah, I’ve seen it all every single day for years now….why is this case any different?

This went on and on, both of them explaining to me what they thought they knew about our nation and our nation’s court system and our nation’s laws and justice and The Truth and all of that. I tried explaining to them about campaign contributions and corruption and the undeniable fact that absolute evil really does exist in this world. “But our nation’s courts, our judges, our law…” Granddad preached back to me. He just wouldn’t get it. So then grandmom laid into me, “But you said it yourself Mr. Weidner, their papers are all wrong, their fraud and all those investigations!” Right, I reminded her, but you’re forgetting about the campaign contributions. “And we were making our trial payments just like they told us to.” I know you were but, hey you know, mistakes happen.

“So you’re telling us with all of this there’s nothing you can do?” Let me make this very clear, “No, there’s nothing I can do… you lose, get out of the home. The bank wants you out so it can add another vacant and abandoned home to its growing inventory.”

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  1. John Anderson says:

    Most lawyers would have just looked at their case, and pointed out the missing legal requirements,no assignment of mortgage, no endorsement, no good affidavits, and told them you need $10,000.00 to get started.
    They may have been able to sell all their unneeded items, such as wedding rings, vehicles,IRAs and or borrow from their kids or friends.
    Then you could have explained the judicial and legislative anarchy we are living under,and then and only when you know you can not collect any more from your client, do you deliver the pounding that grandpaw WW2, and Korea and Vietnam vets deserve, and send them on their way.
    I don’t see how you have controlled yourself as long as you have.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Failure (refusal or ignoring) to report a crime in Florida is a FELONY.

    Mr. Weidner described a very serious crime, whereas he has even more onus on him to report the banks crimes to law enforcement because he is a lawyer. Him being a lawyer and having a duty to report the banks’ and their attorneys’ crimes is more the concern here than messing around with the civil courts and their campaign donations’ whims of orulings to destroy victims. This crime must be reported immediately.

    Mr. Weidner has personal knowledge; he is hereby ordered to testify to the State of Florida as to the documents he saw and the testimony of what he heard from the victims.

    Thanks so much,
    Jason Werner
    Former Banker

  3. jerry says:

    Matt is a Mentor to America and if by now those that can’t get it then America will become a socialist failure.

    Try not paying your taxes like Timmy G of Treasury Department it was an oversight just like “trying to destroying the e-mail communications between him and Fed Chairman Polson when he got 108 Billion dollar loan for (*He was President of AIG with anyone except the two knowing it was Taxpayers money and when he got locked up no one inthe press chose to bring this to the attention of Americans . WHY ? Then DOJ Eric Holder was the young Lawyer that OK”D Mers for those that don’t know it illegally tried to replace our 300 year old deed and record rooms keeping track of your loans and property ownership. Wonder if he knew then it was illegal just like the Arms being shipped to Mexico and then lying to the Senate investigating committee saying he knew nothing when 10 months earlier proof has now appeared in e-mails of his briefing to these facts and now President Obama defends him for making a mistake and not remembering he knew way back then.

    Sorry folks Matt speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. Honesty is his God Given talent . Be thankful we have him .


    • Mark Bowen says:

      I, for one, am very grateful for Matt’s fortitude. I only wish that he would break from the phony ass-kissing, “with all due respect” bullshit that the legal industry forces on its subjects. Maybe then we could discuss, honestly, the obvious fraud on the Court perpetrated by attorneys. Consider all the fraudulent documents filed in tens of thousands of cases in Florida alone. Are we to believe that the attorneys purporting to represent those Plaintiff banks are unaware of all of the fraud. It is a truly lawless system that is controlled by an unconstitutional Association.

      • jerry says:

        Mark ,

        Have you ever really read this”If a lawyer lies even on his application lets say Like George L at Central Fla did when he applied for Notre Dane Coaching job he got fired for lying on his resume. . It is there in the Lawyers sworn oath if they lie (*Like Obama stated he had never gone by an Alisis Barry who ???? he to should be fired be removed from the Bar to practice law and removed from the highest office of examples to follow.
        so if they knowingly lie which all of them have done then where is the Fla Bar removal . Take away their lively-hood to make a living then it will get their attention to doing that which they are required to hold that license to practice law.

        Truth Justice the American Way is on in old Superman re-runs .

  4. DolleyMadison says:

    I am sorry this battle seems to be breaking Matt’s spirit…he is a real hero but most attorneys – not so much. I have spoken with dozens no one will take my case – and I have never missed a payment – most are venal a-holes who don’t want to ruffle the banksters feathers.

  5. readdocs says:

    Some of those who have been damaged should consider going to law school themselves,
    and getting experience and specialize in being a dirt lawyer. If you want it done right,
    you’ll have to do it yourself.

    • DolleyMadison says:

      My son gets out of Law school in a year – hoping to hold on that long we have been collecting precedent and other research and are preparing. Ocwen has kept me in rolling default for years…walking right up to the FC line but never pulling the trigger. I think they know they can’t win but they’ll continue to terrorize me in the interim. The regulator is turning a blind eye and can’t get an attorney – one call to Ocwen and they quit. But I raised a bulldog and we are preparing our arsenal as we speak!

      • banksterslayer#301 says:

        Dolley Madison…Here’s to the Bulldog. Failure is impossible….because truth will prevail.Eventually….

  6. papergate says:

    To Sheryl:

    I am glad you ‘stumbled’ onto this site and appreciate your sharing your personal situation – this just goes to show how many people/families are afflicted in the exact same manner from coast to coast – Sheryl you must bring all those you have encountered into this ‘flock’ so that we may all know each other and build our momentum – this entire mess is out of control in this country and obviously there are thousands of people like you and your family who suffered without any of our support – please share with us your case – and please navigate not only this site but, and please check out the sites listed on this as well – sorry we weren’t around the past couple of years to support you – we’re here now though .. . and Matt is one of the most passionate fighters of our cause and times – he is demonstrating in this writing to put ‘in your face’ message the reality to judiciary, attorneys, politicians, let’s hope our administration and those in charge reading it – because Matt interprets exactly the sentiment of those in charge of protecting us . . . perhaps if they read it from this perspective it may sink in what they are doing – let’s hope anyway.

    • I have been working on a website to gather people together, that have been victimized by the banks/servicers/courts to start a class action lawsuit…I have met (online) many very nice people, who by one way or another have been put through what I term as Mortgage Fraud Purgatory. I am looking for an honest lawyer that will help us succeed in this process. I welcome any and all suggestions.

      The website is called Stop Mortgage Fraud & Forgery! Perpetrated by US Banks at…as well as a blog at

      • Fed up says:

        Count me in

      • Learning2 says:


        It’s good you found this site and Matt’s too. Perhaps your time would be well spent if you contribute to other Foreclosure sites and related sites with Comments and Links versus starting another site. I really have time to visit the 7 or so I know about so far; the reading of the limited, available transcripts and court docs made available are very time consuming! Time well spent, of course.

        It would be helpful to many, many people if you could upload a copy of your court documents and provide a link so others could read them, as well as, refer to your attorney(s) by name and location. I’ve seen Scribd.Com and Docstoc.Com used often.

        I did find this and assume it is your foreclosure case:


        I would like to read your documents and court filings for your original foreclosure case which you won, as well as, your case against the Lender for damages.

        Research is difficult since the Public is not granted free

        access (Yeah, one has to even pay for pdf files! What a joke

        this system is. Keep the masses oppressed! Yep) to Public

        Records although they are created and kept through the

        public’s payment of taxes and fees. (Not so much by the Banksters. Imagine that?!) That’s another just another ‘separate but not so equal rights’!

        Thanks for giving an overview, I too have the same type of


        I look forward to reading your documents and Comments in the future.

        Thanks for fighting the good fight. Your actions and sharing WILL HELP OTHERS. This is just the begining.

        Best Regards,


        This is the skylink drive address to the documents that you are wanting to see…happy reading…it’s quite extensive.

      • Learning2 says:

        link broke into 2 lines. Here it is:

        I did find this and assume it is your foreclosure case:

      • It has been a long and arduous battle. We never dreamed it would become what it did. I wouldn’t wish what we went through on anyone…so if these documents can help someone else, I am more than willing to share…after all we did win…although sometimes it doesn’t really feel like a win. Now we have to figure out how to go on with our lives…and the reality is that we still have the note and ruined credit. But my main concerns now are figuring out how to repair a home that fell into serious disrepair, when we could not put the money into it that we needed to.

        It is hard to not be grateful though…many don’t have a roof over their heads, and even though ours is a leaky roof…it’s still a roof.

  7. Joe Testa says:

    Matt was simply engaging in a bit of verbal irony to make a point. Nothing more.

    • I get that now…

      • Lucia says:


        So sorry you have been put through the wringer, so has Matt which is why we are all so protective of him on this site. Believe us, the tone of this article really expresses his sheer frustration at the monumental joke our judicial system is where the financial elite vs the small guy is. This is something you already know I am sure. ( 7 years is a long time).

      • Longer than we would have ever dreamed:(…and the fact that it is really far from over…and it feels like we are starting all over again…is beyond frustrating…Post traumatic stress is an understatement…some days I just don’t know how I keep my sanity…I just keep telling myself that I am fighting this fight, not only for ourselves, but for our grandchildren as well…otherwise, as Thomas Jefferson once stated…”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Hey Joe Testa, Are you from NJ?
      Think, Blackberry?

      “Fight The Good Fight”
      Every Minute, Every Day.

  8. 99%er says:

    Sheryl, not Shirley….sorry

  9. 99%er says:

    Shirley, you do not understand. The writing was a sarcastic piece showing how frustrated the attorney is because he has client who are good people who have had bad things happen to them and “no body” from the banks, to the AG to the Courts, care. No one out there in the real world of corporate banking wants to know about hard times, etc. They don’t want to know who the people are that they are foreclosing, they only care about the house and $$.

    Mr. Weider is a fighter on the side of the homeowners and has been a large contributor to this site for a long time. Read it again and try to read between the lines and understand how he can’t help these people and WHY he can’t help these people. Then come back and tell us who the ASS is/are.

    • Please read the rest of my comments…

    • see says:

      I think Sheryl was expressing her frustration the same way Matt did. She in earlier posts expressed that and she had time to think and comprehend what the others of us have posted. She has been through a lot and I believe we all understand her frustration. Never give up Sheryl……

  10. Kim Lan says:

    Matt always goes for shock value, if you’ve read some of his other stuff, subtlety just ain’t there. Taste aside, I wonder what happened to the old timer – did he pack his stuff up and hit the road, take down the flag for the last time at that location?

  11. Christopher Bogosian says:

    Matt is using hyperbole, sarcasm, etc. (call it what you want) to make a point…

  12. This is my first reading of his “work”…and if this is how he actually treats clients that come to him who have been put through mortgage fraud hell…I don’t want to read anymore…this was not a good “introductory” article for someone, like me, just coming on the scene…I am not impressed…nowhere throughout this writing did I get the feeling that “he cared”…I could be wrong, and am willing to read (a little) more…but first impressions…not too good.

    • George W. Mantor says:

      Oh, well then you are just wrong. Matt cares way too much and gets beaten up everyday just because it is Florida and they really are corrupt. Now, go back and re-read this knowing that this is the by-product of compassion and frustration not callousness. He’s just tired and pissed off.

    • Lucia says:

      Sheryl, you are clueless regarding Matt Weidner aren’t you. You should avoid posting until you do get a clue.

      • I have a clue…I just don’t know of Mr. Weidner’s writing style…look up Sutter vs US Bank…and you will see, I do have a clue…a seven year clue…It was the first article that I have read of Mr. Weidner’s and I was shocked that an attorney would talk that way to any potential client…

        I stand corrected and apologize, but I do have more experience in this than most.

    • see says:

      Reading this post by Matt Weidner may seem harsh , but if you really think hard about what he wrote and the message of it you will get what he was saying. You have this older man who fought for this country, loves this country, believes in the constitution and the court system. Justice will prevail kind of couple. Good will always win. This old man and his wife cannot wrap their brains around the fact that the whole system is now corrupt, The banks and big corporations now run this country–the laws that were put in place long ago to protect us still exist, but they are no longer followed. Matt is right, they don’t care about you.

      When speaking to my parents about my f/c, my 79 yr old mother kept saying, “But they can’t do that. That is Illegal.” She could not understand, as these other people, that the greed of big time banks and corporations has taken over our politicians, court system and everything else that was set up to protect our rights. Matt was trying to get through to these people that they better wake up because this is not the America that he fought so bravely for anymore. Almost everything is now corrupt because of greed. And with the mentality of lots of people that your a deadbeat so get out of house now, forget that the f/c is illegal you werent making payments atttitude, nothing will change until we the people stand up and say no more. Everyone needs to stand up and fight with all their being to get back our rights that we left slip threw our fingers.

      • I get that is his message…now…and I so understand…because I am one of those people who cannot believe that the banks/mortgage services have been able to get away with the crimes that they have committed…crimes that would have landed any citizen in the country in jail…it wouldn’t have taken seven years either!

        We fought the fight for six/seven years and yes, we ended up with them not being able to put an equitable mortgage on us…but that’s not all we got. What we ended up with is seven years being stripped from our lives, or dignity, a decimated credit score, and the mortgage still exists at the Register of Deeds office

        …not to mention that for the years that we were in litigation we were not able to put one dime into our home, and thanks to them still reporting a non-existent mortgage on our credit report and not having a quiet title, we can’t even get a loan (not that I ever want to sign any mortgage ever again) to fix our home. The court even made sure to inform the bank that they could go into state court and get a mechanical lien on our home…so what did we gain?

        …we were the only case in the country, where the homeowner’s signatures were forged by the bank, notarized and recorded, where the homeowners have 100% clean hands…if you can believe that in a country of 346 million people…yet when I talk to attorney’s about damages…I get the polite version of what Mr. Wiedner wrote about….that’s why it hit me the way it did:/

  13. This guy is a total ass! REALLY?!?

    • George W. Mantor says:

      Are you familiar with his lengthy history as a dedicated fraudclosure fighter? I see him as a true pioneer in the fight against unlawful foreclosures. If you have some information on him, don’t be vague, put it out there.

      • leapfrog says:

        Me too. I love Matt and think of him as a hero. Unfortunately, everything he said IS true. I found this out FIRST HAND. I think Sheryl must be new to the FC “experience” and still hopeful and doesn’t want to hear the raw truth.

        I don’t mean to dash anyone’s hopes. Hope is always a good thing, Sheryl, but with crony capitalism collusion of TBTF, the GSEs, the captured regulators, a 1%-owned administration, bankster lobbyists and crooked judges, the deck is obscenely stacked against the individual homeowners. That does not mean we shouldn’t give up without a fight. We just have to realize that there are no guarantees. We also have to acknowledge that TBTF is primed with UNLIMITED taxpayer-backed funding, while we the homeowners are not.

        I’m still glad I fought. I did not go quietly, I cost TBTF some money and irritation and my court filings are public record that show blatant FRAUD on the part of TBTF and the GSE. But there is nothing you can do when a judge chooses to “look the other way”. If everyone would at least fight, even if they lose, the fraudclosure problem will not die quietly. I still cheer on those who fight and I love to hear about the few who win.

      • I am far from new to mortgage fraud…I am just new to Mr. Weidner…and obviously am not use to this type of writing…it probably wasn’t the best article for me to read first.

        I have been embroiled for the past seven years in a case where we actually found our signatures (my husband and mine) forged by the bank…refer to Sutter vs US Bank. We reported the crime in December of 2005…we finally got a decision from the US 6th Circuit Court in January of this year, finally getting the message across to the bank that they are not going to get an equitable mortgage. We have been damaged beyond repair by the stunts pulled by US Bank/Saxon Mortgage. We have been trying to find an attorney to fight for the damages that have been caused to our lives in regards to this fraud…so when I read this article…I admit, it hit a raw nerve…and the thought of a lawyer actually talking to clients this way, appalled me…

        I am a very open minded person, and not afraid to admit that I am wrong…I will read more of this man’s blogs (because trust me after reading this I was really taken aback)…if lawyers are really treating people like this I should be appalled. But I trust that you have been reading his works for a while and will continue to read on…if he was trying to get peoples attention, he surely succeeded with this article…LOL.

      • leapfrog says:

        Yes, Sheryl, please do read Matt’s other articles. And good luck in your fight againts the banksters.

      • I will, with a different perspective to say the least…talk about shock factor…thank you for allowing me to see the error of my opinion…

    • Sheryl,
      You have to know Matt, He’s trying to wake people up to all of this madness. Most of the Justice system is as Matthew tried to explain. For a first time reader I can only imagine your horror. Reach out to Matthew, he’ll explain in more detail.

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