Japanese Man Chops Off Realtor’s Arm – The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen That Is If You Happen To Be A Samurai

Sword rampage: Japanese man chops off realtor’s arm

A Japanese man has been arrested after lopping off the arm of the president of a real estate company with a samurai sword. He also attacked two other employees, leaving them with serious stomach wounds.

Hifumi Kuwada was charged on Saturday over the attempted murder of Katsumi Jitskata, the president of Daikyo Home, and two workers with a 70cm blade.

Employees Hiroshi Jitsukata, Kiyoshi Sato are currently being treated in hospital for severe stomach lacerations.

Kawada has pleaded guilty to the charges.

He reportedly smuggled the samurai into the Daikyo Home’s offices inside a golf bag before embarking on the bloody rampage.

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6 Responses to “Japanese Man Chops Off Realtor’s Arm – The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen That Is If You Happen To Be A Samurai”
  1. usjustice4all says:

    All agents are snakes, they knew damn well the house was not worth what offers where being put in for, period. Are they not trained professionals? Would we expect this from Sub teachers? No Way in the hottest spot in creation!

  2. No matter what culture you have lost face with most everyone; some agents have the compassion of a rattle snake! which will put you in an even worse emotional state than when they walked in! Then they start the negotiation cash for keys of which most think you should only get the boot with all belongings throw on front yard!!! that is a fun one too try!

  3. Tee says:

    Pam, if he is the same position millions of Americans are in, your damn right he is upset. MORE than upset, and at the brink of taking action at the people that are stealing their homes. We don’t know the whole story yet but I’m guessing we have the case of Japanese HONOR above fate. Kind of like “Thou shall not steal” Obviously, he felt the President responsible for his situation lol……Send that guy over to a few other deserving institutions……….theirs plenty of deserving arms Im sure. Think about it>? These Banks are not stopping their hijacking of America tactics…they fear nobody and do what they need to make money leaving America in their wake.. Not even our pussycat government who lets them continue has the balls to stop them, they prosecute the little guys as a disquise that they are really doing something about it….looks like they dont care to me. ……maybe it takes a few chopped arms to wake them up…and not the individuals who steal for the Bank….but the Presidents of these big institutions who hide in the shadows and encourages the fraudulent activities to continue…..I applaud our Samurai !!…….Wonder if that President thinks the money was worth it?!!!

    • Pamela Edwards says:

      Tee I so agree.I grew up in Japan and they would consider this a lack of face and honor.I personally think Mr. President got what he so richly deserved.It breaks my heart that he felt forced to do this.No easy way out and honor especially family honor must be maintained.It is such a shame that our government and other entity’s have driven our people to exact these forms of retrabution.

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    I’m going to guess he was a very upset and unhappy person.I don’t stand behind behavior like this,but you can only be pushed so far and evidently he was at this point.Wow!!

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