Partially translated…

When Lynn Szymoniak, a lawyer in
Palm Beach, Florida, on the
German bank to speak
comes, then their outrage
not be ignored. “I throw
the Deutsche Bank, with fake documents
to work, “she says while many undweiß
one thousand supporters on their side.
She had never expected, with the German
Big money to do something to have. But on
one Monday morning imDezember, 2009, the
German bank with a vengeance in her life. Then
rang an employee of the local sheriff
at the door and handed her documents for
applied to the court, “foreclosure”, the
Eviction and auction of her house.
As tens of millions of other Americans had also
they have a big mortgage to variable interest rates at
a local financial institution called “option
One “was recorded and – after an unexpected
Rise in interest rates – the installments in arrears with
advised. But who is there now complained against them,
was no “Option One”, but the German
Bench. Because their mortgage was part of one of those
Collecting loans have become a kind of mortgage.
And for that, just like hundreds of other
Such a mass securitization of mortgages,
acts based in California, “German
Bank National Trust Company “as a trustee.
This is actually a harmless service.
It takes over the management of the bank in
Summarized mortgage “trusts” and the
Payment of principal and interest payments to
the owner of the respective securities. In this
Large segment of the U.S. real estate
Money machine was the German bank
for years the leading provider in order
many other financial companies. But since the
House price bubble burst and millions of Americans
pay their mortgages no longer could or
would be associated in large houses
Style foreclosed to the owners of the
Trust papers, at least to secure these revenues.
Already 16 million U.S. citizens have shared their
Houses lost. And a million times met
those affected thereby suddenly the German
Bank as the owner of that once they subscribed
Mortgages, which they now bring to their house
wants. Because according to the dossier has been filed in the courts
The lawyers act of so-called
“Loan Servicer”, the spot assigned
Credit management companies, often in
German name of the trustee bank.
It was the same in the case of Lynn Szymoniak.
Alone in her district were in Palm Beach
the past three years about 100 000 houses
registered for foreclosure, ten
Percent of them in the name of the Trustee German
Bench. Just bad luck for the German financial giant,
that the resale of the many wild
Mortgages seem topsy-turvy
was and the transfer of the land charges
was often not properly documented. And so
Szymoniak made an amazing discovery.
As evidence of legal title to their house
served an affidavit, with a
Vice President of the company “American Home Mortgage
Service “named Linda Green to transfer
ihrerHypothek on one of the German
Bank-managed trust certified. As a trained
Therefore, when local lawyer went Szymoniak
Land Registry Office of the question of whether the document
was valid. They learned that those Linda
Green and hundreds of similar statements in other
Cases had been signed. And the same
alsVizepräsidentin of many banks,
and the “Deutsche Bank National Trust”.
In fact, there was neither there nor in the
other banks, each with a Vice-President this
Names. Rather had a company from Georgia
called “DocX” the documents
created while Angestelltemit
fictitious identities
, on behalf of all possible
Relevant financial institutions
Declarations signed
. can “The signature products
falsified, the
notarization was
falsified, the Trust Information
was wrong, there was little at all,
as reflected in the document
really was “outraged
to Szymoniak. And that was true not only in their
Case. Inspired by research started Szymoniaks
some checks with Land Registry.
For example, John O’Brien, Deputy Ministers met in Essex
County, near Boston, alone in his small
District to 32,000 foreclosures filed in
Documents that it deems fake.
The signature of “Linda Green” he found in
22 different manuscripts. Sun came out,
that the method of immediately “Robosigning” robot drawing
that procedure across
used by the United States was to act as documents
Create legitimacy for the foreclosures.
A reporter from the U.S. network CBS was
three former employees of DocX, as
“Linda Green” for ten dollars an hour en masse
Documents were signed – a nachMeinung
Office of Director O’Brien unsustainable process.
It was “the German bank, the same
made as all the major banks. The met a
conscious decision, a criminal enterprise
to be. “It was” too horrible to see, ”
as “the people, for economic or health
Base their rates of pay can not
and these banks are using fake documents
before the courts to give them the houses
take away, “he told WDR. This is something
“We in the United States actually
do not, but it does happen, sadly, every
Day. ”
The German bank has, however, the allegations
back. She had “no foreclosures
yet it handles such causes, “said a
Bank spokesman. According to the contracts to the securitization
“Loan Servicer” would, therefore, credit management firms,
and the
“Trustee”, the trustee,
separately from
The bank used the original
the associated
Mortgage bonds issued
have. Therefore only
the respective “Loan Servicer
responsible for the collection
delinquent payments back to
zurBeantragung of foreclosures. ”
Also the
Societies, “in conjunction
Robosigning were called to “be
“Loan servicers and committed solely by
been paid, not vomTrustee “, ie the German
Bench. And “neither” is “over
to each other give instructions. ”
Whether this reasoning of the bank before the courts
Backlog, but is open. After all,
according to the German bank is itself in einemMemo
vomOktober 2010 to all “loan servicer” of the
it manages mortgage trusts established to work
with this “attorney full power” of the bank. And
until today, as reported by Szymoniak, would
Lawyers officially on behalf of the Trust Company
Deutsche Bank’s foreclosure on
Basis of false documents operate. This makes the claim that
The German bank bore no responsibility,
something like, “as if the government says it
is not responsible for the actions of their army. ”
Even the one appointed by President Obama
Special prosecutor derNewYorkerGeneralstaatsanwalt,
Eric Schneiderman determined against the
Responsible for missing or incorrect documentation
in support of mortgage bonds.
In court documents, he called explicitly
the trustee. The legal
Fallout of the mortgage bubble is for the German
Bank probably still far from over.