David Dayen | Lisa Epstein Files for Palm Beach County Clerk of Court After Intimidation Campaign By Incumbent

Lisa Epstein Files for Palm Beach County Clerk of Court After Intimidation Campaign By Incumbent

I wrote back in April about Lisa Epstein, the foreclosure fraud activist running for Clerk of Courts in Palm Beach County, Florida this year. Lisa officially filed and qualified for the August 14 primary election last week. She’ll face longtime incumbent Sharon Bock, who Lisa believes has done basically nothing to leverage her power to fight fraudulent document assignments and tax evasion by the big banks, as other registers of deeds or clerks of court have done. Housing Wire had a nice story on Lisa’s effort yesterday:

If elected in August, she will be in charge of many things, including managing an overloaded docket, acting as treasurer and chief financial officer of the county’s funds, and most importantly, serving as the keeper of public record.

Her major focus will be on what she claims is a broken system, surrounding the cloudy chain of title flaws filed with the counties to this day. If state funding allows, she said she will perform wide-scale audits of the entire county database and develop reforms — even if that means shutting down the process entirely.

“I don’t know if it is fixable,” Epstein said. “But these are not truly legal instruments that convey proper property ownership. Conducting any sort of real estate transaction or sorting who really owns the loans in many cases will become an enormous legal burden because of the morass of documentation fraud.”

The Housing Wire story is generally very good. But it leaves something out. As Epstein informed her supporters in announcing her filing for candidacy last week, Bock and the Democratic Party in Florida made a concerted effort to stop Lisa from running. Here’s an excerpt of the lengths to which local officials went to engage in what Lisa describes as “candidate suppression”:

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