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June 15, 2012

Lisa Epstein Qualifies for August 14 Election for Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court (despite best efforts of local Democratic Party)

Well-known activist, foreclosure fraud, land record and mortgage-backed securities fraud investigator Lisa Epstein submitted her fee and final paperwork to officially qualify to be on the ballot against two-term incumbent Sharon Bock. Lisa recognizes that this campaign is a David vs. Goliath battle against a well entrenched and funded opponent, however, it is her intention to campaign on a platform seeking to make the Clerk’s office more responsive, proactive and protective of the rights of the citizens of Palm Beach County.

It would be an understatement to say that there is room for improvement. The following letter was submitted to the local newspaper, though the campaign is not expecting to see it published. The letter provides background on the recent efforts by local officials, including the Clerk, to keep Lisa out of the race and allow the Clerk to be awarded a third four year term, unopposed. Voter suppression is fresh in the minds of Floridians during this news cycle, and one could easily agree when Lisa Epstein labels this as “Candidate Suppression”:

The Palm Beach Post story this past Friday regarding the “final bit of drama” leading up to my qualification to run in the August 14 election for Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court touched on the culmination of a weeks-long effort by the local Democratic Party, its current Chairman and the current Clerk of the Circuit Courts to get me out of this race. Though I am not a politician, I am alarmed at the tactics the party employees to clear the field of political opposition to the favored sons and daughters. I do find it interesting that certain elements of the Party will promote primary battles against incumbents who are perceived as vulnerable at the same time that they are dissuading candidates like myself and other recent high profile candidates from offering our skills, talent and knowledge to the voters as an alternative to the status quo and business as usual in Palm Beach County.

In another attempt to discourage voters from paying attention to my campaign, the Clerk was quoted recently as saying that “only 2%” of the cases filed at the Courthouse concern foreclosures, and perhaps if you are counting traffic citations that might be true while ignoring two consecutive months of 60% plus increases in foreclosure filings over same months in 2011. The economic impact and upheaval of families contained in the “only 2%”, which the Clerk so minimally categorizes and intentionally trivializes, is staggering to anyone paying attention. From 2008 to 2011, 81,627 foreclosure cases were filed. Another Palm Beach Post article this week highlighted the historic losses in net worth that most of us have been subject to, primarily due to home values. As we are slowly learning, the foreclosure crisis is the complex result of boom-time, bailed out Wall Street mortgage-backed securities fraud. The Palm Beach County Courthouse has been likened by some to be Ground Zero for foreclosure fraud and mortgage fraud in our country, and business as usual is not working.

To her credit, Clerk Bock most recently seemed genuine and open in regard to listening to our suggestions seeking to stem the damage of bailed-out banks’ securities and real estate fraud being inflicted daily on our citizens, both the vulnerable and the more well off, not to mention the negative effects on community stability, property values, crime, pensions, savings, employment statistics, and the fiscal impact on local governments due to free-fall of property tax revenue. Finally focusing a laser beam on these issues now might ameliorate the increasing private and public financial hardship that occurs when 45% of Florida residents are already deeply underwater and citizens bear the unblunted brunt of financial services industry fraud. Many real estate analysts proclaim that the market has reached bottom and will recover, despite evidence of vast holdings of shadow inventory. When mortgage servicers hold insurance claim payments hostage for up to 37% of damaged homes (vacant properties and delinquent mortgages) what will happen to our communities when potential victims of natural disasters, including likely tropical storms and hurricanes, find it impossible to pay (and put to work) contractors to make homes safe and habitable again?

Eleventh hour promises for a collaborative anti-fraud initiative, an effort profoundly in the interest of Palm Beach County residents, should not be contingent on the termination of my candidacy. I am also quite troubled by many unilateral decisions by the current Clerk, from the less important changing of the name of the Constitutional Office to the more important withholding of funds to allow the Inspector General to do her job, now the subject of an expensive taxpayer-funded lawsuit. Since my primary election on August 14 is now a universal primary, an election open to any Palm Beach County registered voter regardless of party affiliation, I intend to keep educating all the citizens of this county as to why I am running for this office and why we must elect public officials who are responsive to the people whom they represent.

Some will say that I have no chance to win this election and that I should have worked with the Party and Clerk instead of continuing my campaign. Others question whether my extensive experience exposing the ongoing fraud in mortgage backed securities, recorded real estate documents, and foreclosures along with my championing for open courts, is enough to show voters I am capable of running a large government entity. I grant you that I never expected my career as a trained oncology RN to lead me into the national spotlight as a citizen financial fraud sleuth, much less in a political race for public office. This would not be the first time that a regular citizen became an elected official. Our system of government insures that there are in place numerous resources to help replacements transition ineffective incumbents out of office. The voters are the first step in that process, assuming candidates can successfully run the gauntlet to qualification.

(s) Lisa Epstein, Candidate for Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court

It is clear to Lisa and her team that little change will occur on the Federal and State level due to the enormity of the Cash funding of our elected officials and lobbyists from the Too Big To Fail banks and Wall Street. If change is to occur, it will because of local efforts to effect change. Lisa Epstein recognizes that putting regular citizens who care into elected offices where that change can begin is just the start, and she has put her life on hold to try to do just that.

Lisa and her colleagues have helped thousands of homeowners and countless foreclosure defense teams with their mortgage servicer research and document unearthing. We are hopeful that many of supporters and well-wishers nationwide will help and support Lisa in some small way. If you are willing and able to send a donation it will be graciously accepted at the link below. If you are an active online advocate and/or blogger, please consider starting a money-bomb from your audience. If you are in the business of foreclosure defense, the maximum individual or company donation is $500. If you are a victim of the fraud or in foreclosure, help Lisa continue to help your fight and send what you can. Even $5.00 donations multiplied will allow us to further Lisa’s message.

Palm Beach County is a battleground for mortgage and foreclosure fraud, it even has the nickname “Corruption County”. Help Lisa Epstein in her effort to make the Clerk’s office part of the solution, not part of the problem. Thank you in advance for your support

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