Nevada’s Housing Crisis Leaves Obama Vulnerable

Nevada’s housing crisis leaves Obama vulnerable

LAS VEGAS — Amy and James Watt know there are a lot of important issues in this year’s presidential election, but for them it hinges on just one: their home.

They never thought it would come to this when they bought their dream home, a three-bedroom with a large garage on a corner lot in suburban Henderson, Nev.

Three years later, here they are, six months behind on their mortgage — part of a housing crisis that has devastated Nevada.

So they look to the presidential candidates for some kind of plan to set things right. And they don’t see one.

“I know Obama was left with a lot, but he sure hasn’t made it better,” said Amy, 63. “I voted for him last time. But I just can’t do Obama again.”

And while she and James, 66, plan to vote for Romney, they are not confident he will be able to help break the state’s economic fall. “I’ll give him a shot, but sometimes I wonder whether any of them is any good,” Amy said, as her husband nodded in agreement.

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  1. Mario Kenny says:

    coming from the same people who called us deadbeats and losers in the onslaught, I have no pity.

  2. Faith says:

    That is a scary picture.

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