Government Uses The Age-Old Bully’s Trick: Pretending the Victim Is the Attacker… and the Bully is Merely Defending Himself

The Bully Will Keep On Getting Away With Harassing Others Until People Stop Falling For His Victim Act

Police have recently stated on the record that:

Indeed, in modern America, even being worried that the government is acting in a bullying manner can literally get one arrested, committed to a psychiatric ward or labeled as a terrorist.

(Of course, if you speak out too much against the government, even worse things could happen to you.)

In other words, the government is using the age-old bully’s trick: pretending that the victim is the attacker, and the bully is merely defending himself.

The same is true in terms of our foreign policy. For example, when we accidentally kill foreigners, we pretend that they were armed or pretend that they were “militants”.

The government invaded Iraq because it claims Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that he had a hand in 9/11 … but everyone knew that both claims were false.

The bully claims that “9/11 changed everything”, that we live in a “post -9/11 world” and that the Constitution is no longer realistic after 9/11. But the fact is that spying on Americans, the militarization of police, and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and throughout the Middle East and North Africa were all planned before 9/11.

And the bully’s pretense of victimhood goes even further …

Just as the murderers you’ve seen on tv will sometimes hit themselves with something to make it look like they were the one attacked, governments often attack themselves in order to drum up sympathy and a “justification” for “defending” themselves. See this.

The bully will keep on getting away with harassing others until people stop falling for his victim act.

Postscript: This is not a problem of one party or the other. As Owen Jones notes today in the Telegraph:

Getting rid of Dubya wasn’t enough. The US remains a bully.

The issue isn’t Obama, any more than it was Bush before him. The issue is [the abuse of] US power.

Bush was a frontman for the bullies … just like Obama:

 Government Uses The Age Old Bullys Trick: Pretending the Victim Is the Attacker ... and the Bully is Merely Defending Himself

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4 Responses to “Government Uses The Age-Old Bully’s Trick: Pretending the Victim Is the Attacker… and the Bully is Merely Defending Himself”
  1. chitown2020 says:

    I came across an interview with former NY Times reporter Chris Hedges and truth out about his new book “Days of Destruction Days of Revolt.” The interview is entitled: Revolt Is All We Have Left…

  2. chitown2020 says:

    They would love a reason to declare martial law. Obama has waiting in the wings over 900 EO’s he has signed in the last 40 months. The FED wants to declare control of everything by committing more fraud. All I can say is never give up your guns. Too many Americans remain blissfully ignorant about what is really going on.

  3. Pamela Edwards says:

    They are planning on trying to make all of us prisoners in one way or another.It has already started and goes downhill fast.None of us will be safe and this will continue until we take back our country and move forward to begin again.Our forefathers did this and ended up with the best country in the world……till now.If the American people don’t take a hardcore stance immediatley and take action then we are not the people our ancestors gave up everything for so we could all have better lives.Ameica please stand up and be counted now.

  4. tim says:

    I’m 59 years old….I can’t ever remember until recently,citizens of the United States not having faith in their government. I’m ashamed of government and how they have teamed up w big corporations,banks, in robbing their people and being world bullies besides. When a gov loses the faith of its people there can only be resulting chaos because they will have to eventually deal with internal problems along w their external problems which will eventually end up more severe than just Iran. We see jails being built, ammo being put aside, crowd control vehicles built,and gun control efforts…..I’m just an observer but it sure looks to me like the gov has NO intentions of changing their ways…..or helping the distressed Americans who were robbed by wall street….they say they are but just lies….. God doesn’t listen to Lobbyists and someday these powerful people will have to answer to the big guy.

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