Anonymous Vs Bank of America – Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency

Bank of America Stealing Homes

Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency 

Par:AnoIA has released a total of 14 Gigabyte data, code and software that is related to Bank of America, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, TEKSystems ( and ClearForest ( You can find all details about the release and the data at the following address:

We consider this release noteworthy for several reasons:

•         It contains detailed data about hundred of thousands of executives and employees

from various corporations around the world, including salary information.

•         It shows that Bank of America and others are contracting other companies to spy

and collect information on private citizens.

•         The overall quality of the research is poor and potentially false.

•         The collected data was stored insecurely and could have been retrieved by anyone.

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Main release site:


4 Responses to “Anonymous Vs Bank of America – Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency”
  1. Sharon says:

    As one of the little guys against corporations and their evil, there is not much I can do alone. I will however cancel any and all credit cards I may have with Bank Of America.

  2. withament says:

    Dear Anonymous Reality IS the Crooked Bastards have been doing this CRAP for DECADES ….. The Government and Banksters are the Very Same Whore ……. Very Same

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