First They Came For The Deadbeats: Judge Orders Guns Taken From Woman Facing Foreclosure



Judge under criminal investigation for quid pro quo sexual favors

By Clinton Kirby

On April 10, a judge granted a 3-year restraining order—under which she is required to turn in her guns–against Karen Rozier, a California woman fighting to save her home from foreclosure by US Bank.

Severson & Werson, the law firm representing US Bank, sought the order against Rozier under the incredible accusation that Rozier had threatened the firm’s lawyers with “workplace violence.” Bizarrely however, the judge’s order does not require Rozier to keep her distance from the Severson and Werson attorneys, it only requires that she give up her guns and “not be mean to them,” Rozier said in a phone interview. “I can go walk right up to their lawyers and say nice things to them, but nothing ‘mean.’ There is no ‘stay away’ order. I can visit their offices. I can find out where they live and go visit their houses. I just can’t follow them from work to their home. And I can’t own a gun or ammunition in my own house,” said Rozier.

The judge granting the restraining order was Scott Steiner of the Orange County Superior Court, who Rozier says wouldn’t reveal his name to her throughout the course of the proceedings last week. Rozier said she only found out the judge’s name when it appeared in the ruling which granted the restraining order. Incredibly, Steiner has been under criminal investigation since early March of this year for allegedly getting a woman a job at the Orange County District Attorney’s office in exchange for sex.

Meanwhile, the foreclosure auction for Rozier’s Buena Park property is still scheduled for April 25 (despite the fact that a preliminary injunction has been granted against Bank of America by one judge and another judge issued a temporary restraining order against all banks). Now that Rozier has been disarmed by the state, she said she fears for her safety on April 26, when she knows she will be served with notice that her property has been sold: “I’m suspecting that they (US Bank) plan to have me killed,” Rozier said. Rozier’s fears are not entirely unfounded, as she said that she has been served with notices and other legal papers before by the sheriff, backed up with the SWAT team of the Buena Park Police Department, who had guns drawn.

Rozier says Severson & Werson’s attorneys said they “fear for their lives,” but Rozier points out that she is a “peace advocate,” and in the past has participated in a peace walk with Thich Nhat Hanh, the noted Vietnamese peace activist, Buddhist monk, and author. Also, she is a Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School and has been a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy in the area of future naval capabilities, including electronic warfare, knowledge superiority, and missile defense. In her job with the Navy, she was entitled to mid-level security clearance. Further, Rozier said she is a First Class Girl Scout, her son is an Inclusive Scout, and her husband David (who also was required by Steiner to turn in his guns) is an Eagle Scout and Air Force veteran with no criminal record.

Despite all this, Rozier said Judge Steiner “still ruled against us to take my guns, put us in the system, and brand us as bad people.” Rozier plans to appeal Steiner’s ruling (the case number is 30-2013-00630629-CU-HR-NJC).

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9 Responses to “First They Came For The Deadbeats: Judge Orders Guns Taken From Woman Facing Foreclosure”
  1. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    Talmudic Legal mercenaries masquerading as Law Merchants, Militantly deploying Paper Terrorism in abrogation and Violation to I st 2 nd., IV th., V th., 10 th., Amendments secured Rights and The CREATOR’S “Others” Natural Law of Right to Survival i.e. “Castle Doctrine”?
    Insanity reign No Rule of Law = CHAOS? NO Thing is Illegal; everything is Legal; but MUCH is NOT Lawful by HIS substantive positive absolute natural common law!

  2. thegrey55 says:

    We are all running out of time. The Department of Homeland Security just recently purchased 2,700 rubber tired urban armored assault vehicles, add that to the purchase of some 30,000 plus assault rifles and a few billion rounds of ammo and it isn’t hard to see where all of this is headed.

  3. PzdHouseCat says:

    While as I read this I am sure there are many details to this, relating to both sides that are relevant in the course of this foreclosure action. However, in the event that the defendant, her husband nor her son ever made threats of bodily harm against any of the persons or entities involved in their foreclosure action I feel that disarming them is depriving them of their constitutional rights. Certainly they should appeal and I hope they prevail and it saddens me that this sanctioned robbery of the rights and homes of Americans continues while now largely being ignored by the media. One would think the era of bankster robbers had ended from the dearth of news coverage these days regarding foreclosures by fictitious bank entities and defaults by downtrodden homeowners. We as Americans seem very willing to ignore something bad that is not happening to us. Unless it involves a gun or explosion that is.


  4. DC says:

    I must say that I am proud and sad at the same time that more Americans have yet to take up arms against this type of fraud,that said its very very frustrating to be dealing with these things and then to go into a court of law[except the law is missing]and have this type of outcome.Judges [particularly in todays world]can be real scumbags just like anyone,when I was having some issues with my sons mother over custody stuff I had a female lawyer and the first time we went to court I did very well as far as a fair custody scenario.The next time and 100k dollars later I got totally screwed and I had pretty much been raising my son on my own,so at my lawyers office she informs me [she slipped]that she and the judge used to have a sexual thing going on and lately since his wife was about to have twins he’s been calling her[my lawyer]to get a little action you know given the twins and all, hey why not,and she rejected him.At the moment it went over my head because I was still in complete shock from the outcome and was a mess thinking I have to go to my sons school and tell him I cant pick him up and that he has to go the after school program area until his mom can pick him up[isnt that great the judge figured it was better for him than dad getting him,let him stay till six]but later when it hit me that the fact that my dirtbag lawyer wouldnt give the judge some ass is the reason for the negative outcome I was beside myself.Sorry about the ramble but this is how things work in this corrupt country of ours and we need to come together en masse to change this and hold banks and judges and politician accountable for there crimes.I swear[imho]that the #’s of people could change these things in an afternoon if the numbers were large enough.LETS DO IT.

  5. Sarah says:

    Judicial disability. Foreclosure mills are famous for just making stuff up.

  6. TheHutMaster says:

    Tell this criminal judge to pound sand. These criminal foreclosure mills deserve any abuse we can hand out. They are criminals and We the People have a DUTY to arrest these dirtbags. As far as the silly criminal Judge, that dirtbag has no authorty to demand the surrender of this homeowners guns. I reconnemd this homeowner sue this dirtbag judge, and his bond, for civil rights violations.

    2nd Amendment says the right shall not be infringed; Art. VI para 2 says constitution is supreme law of the land and any state constitution and law of any state to the contrary shall not stand; the judges in every state shall obey.” Now this is your appeal issue.

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day.

  7. greywolf62 says:

    Wow. I am humbled that our story was shared on your blog. Thank you.

  8. charley rice says:

    US BANK NO LONGER EXIST IT’S A DEAD ENTITY… This Judge need to wake up!

    • dCat says:

      I’m fighting US Bank in a foreclosure (I think) although the attorney is representing Bank of Scaremerica. What do you mean US no longer exists? I’d really appreciate some evidence that it is a dead entity for my hearing.

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