HB 87: Faster Foreclosures Bill Zooms Toward House Floor

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Faster foreclosures bill zooms toward House floor

A bill to speed up Florida’s groggy foreclosure process is headed to the House floor after a largely partyline vote in the House budget committee.

HB 87 creates new options for expedited foreclosures and tightens up filing standards for banks.

Opponents claimed it would harm homeowners and favor banks.

“The bill appears to diminish the rights of homeowners and consumers, while attempting to streamline the process,” said Rep. Cynthia Stafford, D-Miami. “I don’t see how this bill protects homeowners who have been victims of fraud and other unscrupulous activities.”

Bill sponsor Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, said the bill was a consumer-friendly attempt to clean up the foreclosure process, which has been plagued by fraud.

“The Florida Legislature…does not support fraud,” she said. “This bill is so fair, it’s so consumer friendly.”

It was Passidomo’s third attempt in three years to address the foreclosure issue, with previous attempts failing after heavy protests. A Senate companion bill is moving through the committee process.

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One Response to “HB 87: Faster Foreclosures Bill Zooms Toward House Floor”
  1. talktotennessee says:

    Florida losing the right to have foreclosures approved in the Courts is especially egregious! This rocket docket plan places Florida in the same vulnerabl position [dominated by the banks] as most of the rest of the U.S. with their non-judicial foreclosure process. It is no surprise that this effort to control state or Florida law is Republican based. The GOP [Grand
    Old Party} always sounds off their favor for State’s rights and reduced government but in reality the Republicans are working solely for corporate [bank] control to bring about Plutocracy and not the rights of the individual citizens of Florida. They need to control State Legislatures, which they do in most Southern states, in order to break down the people’s constitutional rights. Already in process in the Tennessee legislature, and other states, is reducing the people’s rights to elect Congressional candidates by allowing parties to pre-select candidates for primaries. Reducing the voter roles by making it harder for minorities and the elderly to vote is another effort pursued by Republicans. They must control these populations’ ability to vote to retain domination in Southern states. Unfortunately, these efforts are couched in their “states rights” message that appeals to the same people they are trying to supress! Think about it readers, watch for the signs. Removing our rights to the Courts through foreclosure, tort reform are just two of the states rights that are being removed from the people and given to corporations.

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