Must See Video: Arizona Homeowners Losing their Homes to Foreclosure Through Forged Documents

Arizona Homeowners Losing their Homes to Foreclosure Through Forged Documents

The ABC15 Investigators sat down with Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne to find out.


We were surprised to hear Horne characterize the use of forged documents as a “shortcut.”

“Maybe a document was signed, somebody signed someone else’s name as a shortcut, but in the underlying transaction, there was no injustice,” Horne said.

Referring to the homeowner facing foreclosure, Horne said, “That person didn’t pay.

The ABC15 Investigators pressed Horne on why the laws against forgery and fraud don’t seem to apply equally.

“If the homeowner is going to come in and fight their foreclosure and forge their own documents, they are going to jail,” we said. “So I don’t think they are going to be so sympathetic to your argument that the underlying premise is that they still didn’t pay. Because many of these people did pay and they were still foreclosed on with fraudulent documents.”

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15 Responses to “Must See Video: Arizona Homeowners Losing their Homes to Foreclosure Through Forged Documents”
  1. Bill says:

    And…. The icing on the cake, is that in Arizona there is a “no recourse” Law, (Sorry, fancier name) but once it’s Sold at a Trustee’s Sale, (My Condo sold for $6900 more than my original $30,000 down payment, not to mention $70,000 in Pmts.) it’s History. I can’t afford a $600 an hour Attorney. Most of us can’t. That’s how all of the “Big Animals eat the Smaller Animals”. I have been furious for 5 years. I try to put it away, but I’m still in a rage. And this is just a piece of the puzzle that eats at me.

  2. Why is Horne still Attorney General?

  3. Richard Norland says:

    Here is the document that proves the conspiracy of the courts and BAR agents backing the BANK FRAUD cover up.

    Case pending 6:12-cv-1641-AA US DISTRICT COURT Eugene, Oregon

    Other issues are about the CLERKS hiding documents


    COMES NOW the Plaintiff, Richard Hans Norland, Sui Juris on Plaintiff Motion to delay the Motion to Dismiss until Notice Pleadings are answered which were served on the defendants January 17, 2012.

    For good cause

    1. This would be first in line to protect the integrity of non judicial administrative process under REMIC QWR RESPA FDCPA TILA and other regulations that come under UDTA and because the defendants are now in default for lack of rebutting the Notice Pleadings.

    As a matter of duty

    2 Each defendant should answer to their role to settle the dispute before a complaint or the breach and damages to the title could have been averted because the funds were available see EX attached

    Judicial Notice

    3.. Pre objections

    A. I object to the appearance of the attorney’s without their clients to testify to the claims and facts under oath and “ratification of commencement,”

    B. I object having to subpoena the “real party in interest” require under FRCP 17; ORCP 26 A and B,

    C. I object to the hearsay and false claims being made in documents and without disclosure by service question,

    Wherefore, Plaintiff moves this court to delay the present Motion set for May 6, 2013 until the defendant’s answer the Notice Pleading served on January 17, 2012 first as it was ignored for over a year.

    • DLH says:

      An independent private attorney general an make a case that will make the AZ Attorney General, Tom Horne sorry. Horne will not prosecute himself, allowing an independent to follow suit.

  4. Wayne says:

    I am exactly in the Same Boat stroking on the same paddle. I have been investigating this for four and a half years now and from what I know and from what I have concluded is that there is something seriously wrong in the State of Arizona.
    My original lender does not exist anymore, to which the Attorney Generals office of Finance revoked their license and some of them are going to jail on fraud, money laundering and more.
    I was told that they had sold the loan to Countrywide. This was not the case. Countrywide became a servicer and never held the loan or papers. Countrywide would lie to me and lie to me and never did tell me the truth.
    Bank of America started out doing the same until we had this big argument over the phone and finally they told me my papers went to MERS.
    Going to MERS website and following their instructions it comes up “Nothing Recorded”
    Trying to find out who the Trustee is, I find out there isn’t one. The State of Arizona is a three party system when it comes to the Deed of Trust. Assignments, which is the transfer of the Note and Deed must be Recorded in the County and done in a timely fashion. The Trustee is to hold all the legal documents.
    By Arizona State Law, when someone fails to pay on their mortgage the lender is to notify the Trustee and the Trustee is to start the foreclosure process.
    I have NO LENDER … I have NO TRUSTEE … and I have not paid on my mortgage in over 5 years, since the mishandling of the modification by Countrywide and holding my check for a month and a half then telling me they could foreclose on me.
    I have accused the Attorney Generals office to be in the pockets of Bank of America since they bailed out the state through a line of credit to cover the budget a few years back. Talking with the Attorney General’s Office on this matter I was given a chuckle and a snicker by the employee I was talking with.
    Now Bank of America posted a robo signed document in the recorders office stating my papers are in the Hands of Bank of New York Mellon. It’s funny that they told me it went to MERS and I found out Nothing was Recorded and now it is in the hands of BNYM.
    Checking on the Signature of the Assignment I found that this individual was in Jail for mortgage fraud.
    I am at my ends wit and with all this I ended up with a Quadruple By Pass last month and the New Servicer, Specialized Loan Servicing out of Highlands Ranch CO has not helped one bit. They aretaking over where Bank America left off, which is no where.

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  5. Ali says:

    Hope he has a nice big “Surety Bond”. Knowing about it makes you an accomplice. And isn’t there something called “Misprision of Felony”. He should be immediately arrested and charged. Are they getting so bold that they just caually call it a ffing SHORTCUT? I AM PISSED OFF!

    • You would think the AG knows better but the state officials are a big part of the problem. I know in MA they are and they are all guilty of Dereliction of Duty after being presented with proof of DEFALCATION and a Freddie Mac serviver embezzling over $100,000 and then filing an illegal foreclosure on our home that was paid off almost 3x already but he is stealing the money. He filed an illegal foreclsoure because the bank was bought out and he would no longer have access to our account and he couldn’t take the chance of us exposing him. You would not believe the lengths he went thru to prevent us from speaking to anyone above him. I have proof to back it all up and proof of the MA state agencies chosing to look the other way and passing the buck to a different agency till it came full circle back to the Division of Banks.

  6. MetalMama says:

    Amazing. Most banks took the homeowners asset and put it into a Trust, without permission. Have been paid several times over and over, yet, the owner gets screwed??? Shared appreciation and JAIL time for all the Representatives and their Bankster thugs!

  7. Sarah says:

    “That person didn’t pay” This is, unfortunately how dumb prominent lawyers can be at times. At the AG level, there is frequently a unique combination of politics and stupidity. That person, and all of us, did in fact pay! AG, most of them, are in the Banks pockets.

  8. J. Alonzo says:

    If this is not enough proof for everyone to see that we are all owned by the banks. they own our legal system too. For the AG to sit there and say well the home owner is not paying is just insane! So if my neighbor is not paying for his mortgage and I run first and file a lien to foreclose
    even though I dont own the note. Is That OK? Thats what the reporter should have asked. See you can only do that and get away with it, if your the banks. He admits it. Our judges know it too and they for the most part just move cases along. WOW!

  9. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Why is this just now coming to light in Arizona? Have these people been hiding somewhere where there is no internet, cable or TV? What the hell? The Linda Green robosigning is NOT new news. This is so troublesome to me that 4 years later it is surfacing as if it just happened. And to Mario Kenny – he is not only an ass; he is an idiot! Attorney General – the name implies that you are or have been an ‘attorney’…..OMG…we have another Pam Bondi in Arizona!!!

    • J. Alonzo says:

      One would think that the ag would have at least played dumb and said if we catch them we will prosecute them. Noooo!! he just comes out and says it. your not paying so the banks, any bank can have your home. Even if they dont own it. You the home owner cant!

  10. MARIO KENNY says:

    that AG is an ass

    • neidermeyer says:

      The AG needs to be brought up on charges ,, she has friggin LINDA GREEN all over her docs … He can’t plead that he has no knowledge of the fraud he is allowing to continue. He is personally involved.

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