Former ‘Foreclosure Mill’ Offshoot, Ronald R. Wolfe & Associates (AKA Florida Default Law Group) to Lay Off 116 ‘Workers’


Recently, we predicted this might happen…

Is this another Mill on the verge of implosion?

Time will tell…

Now, it appears that time did…


Former ‘foreclosure mill’ offshoot to lay off 116

Ronald R. Wolfe & Associates — the offspring of Florida Default Group, an accused foreclosure mill caught up in the robo-signing scandal of 2010 — has filed a WARN notice with the State of Florida indicating it will lay off 116 workers from late May through mid-June.

Florida Default Group, which at its peak had more than 1,000 lawyers and staff, was investigated by the Florida Attorney General’s office for robo-signing and other sloppy work in 2010, but the case was dropped.

In January of 2012, Ron Wolfe, who had worked at Florida Default, bought it from majority owner Michael Echevarria and renamed it Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates.

In late 2012, the firm had about half the number of personnel it employed during the foreclosure boom.

On April 1, the website released a letter dated March 15 from Bank of America to Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates. The letter “authorized the withdrawal of the Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates PL as its counsel” for a cache of foreclosure cases, replacing them with McCalla Raymer LLC.

A letter from Wolfe to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity said the layoffs, “due to unforeseen circumstances,” would occur at two locations in Tampa, including its main office at 4919 Memorial Highway, and one in Miami. Nineteen attorneys will be let go, the letter said, as well as 24 case management specialists. The rest of the layoffs are spread over a variety of jobs, including four “hearing specialists” and two “closers.”

Copy of the above mentioned letter below…



Bank of America Transfer Letter

5 Responses to “Former ‘Foreclosure Mill’ Offshoot, Ronald R. Wolfe & Associates (AKA Florida Default Law Group) to Lay Off 116 ‘Workers’”
  1. Has anyone ever heard of a law firm by the name of McCalla Raymer LLC in Orlando Florida, they are the new attorneys for the plaintiff in my case. I understand they are somehow related to David Sterns, please someone talk to me!!!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Jeffrey – you can research a law firm by going to That is the state of florida website for all filed entities. Search by the firm name you mentioned. It will give you a history of the firm and all of the filings required by the state. If it was part of the old ‘stern, group you should see some sort of ‘name change’ filed with the state.

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    Aha! This is the firm that is handling my case now. They took the case when Sterns was in the same boat and my lender, Chase, retained this group. I said all along to the courts and the Judge that there was fraud then and fraud now from both sides. They (Wolfe & Assoc.) just continued with the robo signing as was being done before. I love it when the tide turns!

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