Nathan E. “Nat” Hardwick IV of One of the Biggest Foreclosure Firms, Morris Hardwick Schneider, Embezzled $30 Million From Firm

Other Peoples Money

Firm says Atlanta law partner embezzled $30 million

A one-time managing partner of a prominent Atlanta law firm that specializes in real estate closings has been accused by his own practice of embezzling more than $30 million from escrow and other accounts, according a lawsuit filed this week in Fulton County Superior Court.

Nathan E. “Nat” Hardwick IV, who ran the residential practice at Morris Hardwick Schneider, allegedly diverted money held in accounts by the firm and a related title company for personal expenses, such as a portion of the purchase price of a $3 million condo in the St. Regis Atlanta hotel and $4 million he allegedly wired to casinos.

Ed Garland, an attorney for Hardwick, called the allegations “false,” and said “Nat looks forward to clearing his name.”

“Nat became aware of a problem with the accounting earlier this summer and immediately alerted his partners and initiated a review by outside auditors,” Garland said in a statement.

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6 Responses to “Nathan E. “Nat” Hardwick IV of One of the Biggest Foreclosure Firms, Morris Hardwick Schneider, Embezzled $30 Million From Firm”
  1. lu says:

    This co has been trying to forclose on us since dec 2013 they sent another letter over a monthe later of the sale of our home`but i found out a month before they sent a letter of the autcion and demand for more money from us and acting like a debt collector and charging us 200.00 for a title search we never saw`>i stopped the sale by contacting the Att General and filing a complaint`these mills need to be shout down NOW!!!

  2. jimmi says:

    Martin Leigh Laws Fritzlen & Millsap Singers Kip Bilderback have interesting ties. Allegedly some of the same folks that the other firm foreclosed on gets the property and & vice versa. The same clowns get the shacks then take out loans, house forecloses then the other firm allows someone of their choosing to get the property, then get loan & then foreclose.

    Phony looking certified mailings are sent to scammers and never go anywhere, because they allegedly file these to appear legit but leave off a couple numbers of the certified mail # & it never gets delivered. The honest people that were defrauded don’t have the same set up. They have this thing down to a science. MLLF sets up lots of LLC to conceal their evil. Possible $ cuts from their mischief.

  3. alex says:

    these law firm most of them commit illegal acts but they need to get caught 1st , these firms will do anything to get they prices from the banks

  4. Rob says:

    HA! No honor among thieves! How’s it feel to be robbed!?!

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