Woman Sues Ocwen Loan Servicing for Breach of Settlement Agreement


Woman Sues Ocwen Loan Servicing for Breach of Settlement Agreement

PRINCETON – A woman is suing is suing Ocwen Loan Services for breaching its settlement agreement with her.

Dorothy Thompson brought a civil action against Ocwen in 2014 and the civil action was tentatively settled by an agreement during mediation on May 10, 2015, according to a complaint filed May 24 in Mercer Circuit Court.

Thompson claims on Sept. 16, the defendant stated that the agreement had been confirmed and that the defendant would prepare the settlement documents internally and the parties reached a full and final agreement on Nov. 19.

The settlement agreement contained a confidential payment, as well as the defendant’s agreement to release the deed of trust on Thompson’s property and the defendant tendered payment of the settlement proceeds in January, according to the suit.

Thompson claims to date, the defendant has failed and refused to release the deed of trust, as agreed in the settlement.

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2 Responses to “Woman Sues Ocwen Loan Servicing for Breach of Settlement Agreement”
  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    I hope this lady cripples Ocwen. CFPB ordained Ocwen to be “OMBUDSMAM”aving Ocwen in full control to “play its ongoing pre CFPB punishment. I simply can not begin to comprehend wat was going on in Richard Cordreys mind when he allowed all of us VICTIMS of Qcwens crimes of FRAUD to be fed like baby lambs to the slobbering smiling jaws of the WOLVES empolored by OCWEN. I habe made several comments re my 2 yr travails with this bunch of slimeballs in Clearwate. I have forward my grievance to CFPB advising that Ocwen has losy more than all our NOTES and MORTGAGES, now they have LOST MY FILES and once agaiun they are back to refusing to commincate with me after the OMBUDSMAM, Maria Esquival assured me I would have a full report (leading to the only thing that matters to this 77 yr old disabled Vet they stole my $300K equity using fraud upon the Federal Court, failuer to prove standing…and yada yada. If I was not such a gutless chicken I would put a used tire over my hear, soak it with gasoline and ignight my selh oh their headquarters doorstep….but then I would not be around to beat on theirs and CFPBs doors. That reverse mortgage fromm AAG was to be the basis for my final goldenyears.

    My suggestion, should anyone with Ocwen Issues would be to direct correspondence the Mr Richard Cordrey, Director of CFPB and raise holy hell as to this ongoing horseshit Ocwen keeps throwing at us. Ombudsman, Jesus Christ, Mother of God, these employees, all of them at Ocwen are rotten stealing theives. AAng,get this their “partner” aginst me in Federal court was HSBC, under FBI investigation. Our Federal courts are/were in bed with criminals.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent. I am considering bring a NIG dollar pro se lawsuit against these theives and I might just name a Federal Ct and Judge as co-conspirators. I’ll never live to see it end but the cackling sound you hear from my columbarium urn may just be me:-)

    Bruce R Nelson
    Banner Elk, NC

    please excuse the typos, I am sight impaired on top ofbeing computer incompetent.

    • Arthur N. Jamison says:

      Hi Bruce,
      My wife and I live in California. We have been going through hell with Ocwen for over 4 years and have not received a resolution. Although we send everything they request, they keep saying they need something else. We even tried using a third party agency so they wouldn’t pull the same crap, but they did.
      I have read so many horror stories about families that have lost their homes due to Ocwen playing games with peoples livelihood. Is there some kind of way to get others involved so we can file a lawsuit against them and put them out of business once and for all?

      In the meantime, I will do as you have suggested. I will try contacting Mr. Cordrey, the director of CFPB. Thank you for sharing your story. My wife and I will keep you, and the millions of other families that are affected by Ocwen’s fraudulent practices, in our thoughts and prayers! Take care…

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