Trashed Out: Banks Still Unlawfully Breaking into Homes

Breaking and Entering

“The police said they were told that the mortgage company more or less made a mistake. The mortgage company had contracted with the company that broke into my home to see if the home was vacant. But the home was not vacant, nor had the bank ever started any foreclosure proceedings.”


Bamboozled: Bank unlawfully breaks into home, lawsuit says

Steven Kenner came home to a nasty surprise after a two-week vacation in Florida.

Papers were strewn about the house. Cabinets were left open. Cigarette butts were ground into the floor. A lock on the door to the laundry room had been tampered with.

Kenner, 71, thought his East Hanover home had been burglarized.

But what actually happened may have been worse.

It wasn’t a burglar.

Instead, Kenner’s mortgage lender hired subcontractors to break into Kenner’s home as part of efforts to see if the home was vacant or abandoned, according to a lawsuit filed by Kenner against Citizens Bank, Citizens One Home Mortgage, subsidiaries of the bank and its subcontractors. The suit was filed in May in Morris County Superior Court.

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3 Responses to “Trashed Out: Banks Still Unlawfully Breaking into Homes”
  1. Tom says:

    People are going to have to wake up and accept the fact that the courts are working with the banksters and lawyers so they can illegally steal as much as they want. When people are denied the right to pay off their loans, or bring them current, the system is rigged for the corruption to take whatever they want. Don’t plan on having law enforcement help either. They do nothing, but look the other way.
    The only choice people have now is to try to delay the foreclosure as long as they can and plan on moving. Whatever anyone tries to do to keep their homes, the lawyers will just change the rules “on the go plan” to cover their massive theft.
    If the banks get caught, they pay a fine, and walk free to do it again. No one goes to jail. As far as the fines, they just build those in their budgets now.
    They are TOO BIG TO FAIL and TOO BIG TO JAIL!!!

  2. Tom says:

    I went through that where they came in and changed the locks, (WITHOUT A COURT ORDER), on my place before the forced foreclosure was finished and stole over $25,000 in personal property.
    The Judge told me to file a police report, which I did, but the cops did nothing about it.
    I had to finally come to the conclusion that they are “above all laws” and they can do whatever they want. I could have paid my loan off in full to Chase Bank, but they declined the payment because they made more money forcing the foreclosure and then reselling it for more profit later.
    The government paid them 80% of the loan amount from the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance ANOTHER BIG SCAM) and then adding in the resell value earned them more profit than having allowing me to pay it off.
    It’s one of the biggest financial scams out there now, and you can’t win. The courts are so corrupt that I even had the Judge call me from his cell phone to my house wondering why so many people were filing complaints against him. Isn’t it illegal for a Judge to contact anyone that has a case in his courtroom? Apparently not! They committed tons of fraud in that courtroom where we had the court recorder providing people with documents proving the fraud because he wanted it stopped too, but that didn’t help either. After my foreclosure was finished, they ended up doing an “In Rem” foreclosure which is against the property only and not the homeowner personally, and it doesn’t show on your credit report, and it doesn’t show as happening. What the courts and lawyers are doing is abusing their power to fraudulently steal as much as they can, and the cops are probably getting their take too by breaking into the homes and stealing what they can get their hands on,or they are told to just look the other way. From what I was told, that Judge, Siegel, retired about a year later a very wealthy man. I can’t even imagine what he got in kickbacks, or is that referral fees, to push through all of those forced fraudclosures.
    Chase Bank was another one where their lawyers kept stating that Chase Bank didn’t own the mortgage anymore. Well, once the foreclosure was finished, the documents that the court recorder provided me, showed that all documents went back to Chase Bank, who still owned it. You can try to fight it by wasting money on lawyers, reporting the theft, filing complaints, but you will never win.
    They are “above all laws” and they will steal as much as they can because they are all in on the scam. Once you are targeted by the scam, you might as well just plan on moving because you will never win. What they are doing is “abuse of power” by using and abusing their professions for their own benefit and to hell with anyone’s rights to save their homes. I just saw a neighbor that went through the same thing. He tried bringing his mortgage current by sending the payment, but Chase Bank declined the payment and forced the foreclosure. They did the same “In Rem” scam that shows the foreclosure not happening against him, only against the property, and it’s not on his credit report as happening. Chase must have felt bad on his because he said that they paid him $5,000 to move. I got nothing and ignored on all complaints filed.
    It will never stop until the Judges, lawyers, and whoever else is involved, are prosecuted and actually thrown in jail for the crimes they have committed. But for now, I have seen nothing that has been done to stop it, and none of them have had any charges filed against them.
    It’s like a brotherhood for legalized massive theft!!! You can’t win!!!
    The wealthy corrupt will always win!!!

    • Kent says:

      I just read the book Chain of Title Lisa’s story is a parallel to mine including all the names on my transfers. They dropped my foreclosure suit this passed October after nearly se en years. The emotional and physical toll it has taken on my wife and me is beyond belief It started with Florida Default Law Griup to Ronald Wolfe and Associates to another firm that bought them out and that when our case was dropped. I’m my deposition their attorney dais that Ronald Wolfe and Associates were Florida Default Law Group that they had just changed the name. WOW that was a major slip up on his part Anyway here we are in limbo waiting the Florida Supreme Court in a statue of limitations ruling. Why do we have legislation if it’s not going to upheld

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