US Regulator is Already Worrying About the Next Property Bubble

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

US Regulator is Already Worrying About the Next Property Bubble

A US regulator warned that banks risk inflating a commercial real estate (CRE) bubble.

Thomas Curry, US comptroller of the currency, said banks were easing checks on borrowers and boosting loans to investors in the sector.

This creates more debt of a poor quality, at a time when valuations of the underlying property assets are already stretched.

“It’s at this stage of the cycle that we also see strong loan growth combined with easing underwriting to result in increased credit risk,” Curry said in a speech on Monday.

“At the end of 2015, 406 banks had CRE portfolios that had grown more than 50 percent in the prior three years. Of note, more than 180 of these banks more than doubled their CRE portfolios during the past three years.”

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  1. lvent says:

    I see evidence mob bosses run the courtrooms & in that’s why I’m never voting for no one ever because complete corruption is never ending.

    The proof of that is prejudgment hearings where these mafia kingpins think they have power to dictate mafia rules by victimization which is criminal cruelty because no legal just cause exists that’s called that.

    They’re like jack the ripper strung out on forced drugging because that’s the only way they can dictate is by forced coercion which involves one vast criminal conspiracy to persecute the faithful by being criminally provocative.

    Nothing gives them power to use forced persuasion because they have opinions based upon speculation that have no legality.

    In other words, they’re doing rituals upon others by hidden meanings.

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