FHFA – Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Performance, Freddie and Fannie

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Corinne Russell (202) 414-6921 August 26, 2010 Stefanie Mullin (202) 414-6376 FHFA Releases First Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Condition Washington, DC – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today released its first Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Condition. The Conservator’s Report provides an overview of key … Read more

Did David J. Stern DJSP Disclose that 1/3 Owner Kerry S. Propper was the Subject of DOJ Investigation and SBA Law Suit

As you all know, David J. Stern, Foreclosure King, is under investigation for securities fraud. STAN COOPER and NEERAJ METHI, Individually and On Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs, v. DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC; DAVID J. STERN; and KUMAR GURSAHANEY COMPLAINT FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE FEDERAL SECURITIES LAWS Case 0:10-cv-61261-WJZ He has also recently been … Read more

Well, It’s Official – The SEC et al is a Bunch of F#$%*@! Sissies – Goldman Sachs Pays Off Commission $550 Million to Avoid Prosecutions

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE  COMMISSION, Plaintiff, v. GOLDMAN SACHS &  CO. and  FABRICE TOURRE Had enough yet??? $550 million??? Hell, that is more than they spent on their toilets 😉 Goldman Sachs: Gold Toilets Criticized [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0j7lr3VScU] I would really like to get into how if this was anybody on Main Street that tried to pull anything … Read more

Wells Fargo Charged With Fraud In Mortgage Morass

Looks like investors are coming out of the woodwork lately… Again, how could of all these investors been defrauded by Wall Street, SHOULDN’T THEY OF KNOWN BETTER? How could of all these investors been defrauded by Wall Street without the homeowners being defrauded as well? Everything that was misrepresented to the investor was also misrepresented … Read more

DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC. David J. Stern, DSJ, DAL, SEC Filing RE Supreme Court – DJS May Not be Successful in Complying With These New Rules

Hat tip to Matt Weidner on this one… Apparently David J. Stern’s operations are much more, shall we say, interesting than previously reported here, here and here… Going public may be the downfall of the entire Foreclosure Mill business model since everything you do has to be reported to the SEC. And, just recently it … Read more

Here we go!!! U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud Mortgage Investment Was Designed to Fail, Agency Says

Brendan McDermid/Reuters The new Goldman Sachs global headquarters in Manhattan.   By LOUISE STORY and GRETCHEN MORGENSON Published: April 16, 2010 Readers’ Comments Share your thoughts. Post a Comment » Read All Comments The move marks the first time that regulators have taken action against a Wall Street deal that helped investors capitalize on the … Read more

SEC Employees Were Eye”Balling” Porn While Your Economy Tanked

Via Gawker.com Guess this is what it has come to… Over the past two years, more than a dozen Securities and Exchange employees and contractors have tried to view pornography on government computers at least 8,273 times. Here’s what they were looking at while the global financial system cratered. The Washington Times broke the story … Read more

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Bank of America Corporation, Civil Action Nos. 09-6829, 10-0215

Bank Of America Agrees to Pay $150 Million to Settle SEC Charges The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed a motion seeking court approval of a proposed settlement whereby Bank of America will pay $150 million and strengthen its corporate governance and disclosure practices to settle SEC charges that the company failed to properly disclose … Read more