Now I don’t know which is better, having a BOGUS ASSIGNEE, a BAD BENE or a somewhat official looking Assignment of Mortgage that isn’t effective until 09/09/9999.

Funny how these types of things keep popping up in LEE County, home of Clerk of Court Charlie Green and his quote “there should be a way to foreclose quickly against deadbeats who are destroying neighborhoods by neglecting or abandoning their homes

By Lynn Szymoniak, Esq.

Mortgage Fraud


Action Date: March 9, 2010
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

ON MARCH 9, 2010, researchers for Fraud Digest easily found at least 10 Assignments, for combined loan amounts well over $2 million, with the Assignment Effective Date listed as 09/09/9999. These were all prepared by Docx, LLC in Alpharetta, Georgia, a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services in Jacksonville, FL. These are the same “document preparers/officers of too many banks” that prepared and filed Assignments where the grantor or grantee was listed as “Bogus Assignee for Intervening ASMTS” and also the same people who listed the grantor or grantee as “A Bad Bene.” All of these documents are witnessed and notarized (by other Docx employees).

Fraud Digest researchers are now attempting to quantify the number of Assignments (in the hundreds or more likely thousands) where MERS is stated to be the original mortgagee. If the assignment is not effective until 09/09/9999, many homeowners will be able to stay in their homes a VERY long time. Each of these assignments effective in 9999 was to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn.


Some examples…

DOCX Assignment of Mortgage 1 Effective 09-09-9999

[scribd id=28104779 key=key-1z4bi4uu64xej8risrqc mode=list]

DOCX Assignment of Mortgage 2 Effective 09-09-9999

[scribd id=28104782 key=key-2kuzuzwv8o2br2vgo988 mode=list]

DOCX Assignment of Mortgage 3 Effective 09-09-9999

[scribd id=28104784 key=key-z9v0n10yzs00s647ck5 mode=list]

DOCX Assignment of Mortgage 4 Effective 09-09-9999

[scribd id=28104786 key=key-24ogpfdhwg9kig0vvsz7 mode=list]

DOCX Assignment of Mortgage 5 Effective 09-09-9999

[scribd id=28104775 key=key-rrfou4pmn3nht0aoju9 mode=list]