Here is a new little game I am going to play. Each week I will be taking ten random foreclosure cases out of the Palm Beach County court house and picking out the one that has the most fraudulent document in the file.

Be it a Pleading, a BOGUS Assignment, a Fabricated Note, a Forgery, or an Assistant Attorney General that works for both the AG Office and a Foreclosure Mill at the same time…

If you have an active case in Palm Beach County and want me to examine the documents just let me know… You may be my next Foreclosure Fraud of the Week!

Poor Photoshop Skills

Below is a copy of an Allonge. Now there can be many issues with these documents as to how they are attached to the note or why it is even in the file when there is still room on the note for the endorsements.

Well attacking that would be to easy since most are improper. What I am looking for are indisputable facts that can not be denied.

Look at the document very closely and see if you can find the fatal flaw or you can click here for the answer…

Hint: The pen was made by X-acto.



Foreclosure Fraud of the Week – Poor Photoshop Skills