Foreclosure Hamlet
For Immediate Release:

Remember the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights Era?

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Well, they say history repeats itself so send this link to every media outlet and social media page (Facebook, etc) in your local area! Informed, they can capture for posterity this historic event.

Floridians from across the state gather together and make a pilgrimage to their state capitol to raise their voices in unison singing of the moral, ethical, legal, and criminal issues behind the national foreclosure crisis and global economic downturn. This is not just for homeowners! We are ALL reduced by the actions behind the mortgage frauds and scams. Tenants! Anyone who relies on any public service funded by our now shrunken tax revenues! Anyone owning any property at all, fully paid off or not. Anyone drowning in an underwater mortgage sea! Any business owner! Anyone with unemployed family members! Credit card/bank account fees victims! Those with drained 401Ks and college savings accounts!

We will be heard as was the Florida Bankers Association on their own “Capitol Day” on March 10, 2010 ( ). Florida Bankers, guess what? You wanted a “Taste of Florida”? You are gonna get one! We are having our own “Capitol Day”! But our collective voices will be a harmony; louder, clearer, unwavering, and with a foundation firmly planted in the historical roots of our country as a nation for WE, THE PEOPLE!

Bankers and other stealth foreclosing entities, listen up! We are NOT chumps, doormats, dupes, easy marks, fools, goats, gulls, patsies, pigeons, pushovers, saps, scapegoats, schmucks, sitting ducks, stooges, suckers, victims, or weaklings,

And we MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT “deadbeats”!

We have the buses and other arrangements well underway.

This is going to be A FREEDOM RIDE CIRCA 2010, reminiscent of the Civil Rights Freedom Rides!

A pilgrimage to Tallahassee on the back of white horse of moral, legal, ethical, and AMERICAN good!

This is not for the feint of heart! On April 20th, we are leaving late at night from West Palm Beach, making four middle-of-the-night stops along the way, arriving early in the morning in Tallahassee, a full day of raising our voices and educating our legislators, then the long trek home will begin, arriving in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Florida thanks ICE LEGAL for sponsoring two East Coast buses. Late breaking news today is that one of Pinellas County’s toughest foreclosure fighters has generously agreed to sponsor another bus which will leave from Sarasota and make several stops along Route 75. We will plan the route based on demand and response. Go to to watch the details unfold. The 55 seats per bus are filling fast so consider this carefully and email your reservation to the buses don’t fill up, we will take stand-bys who show up in hopes of a seat. If the bus fills up and we have other people remaining, we strongly encourage car pooling and sharing gas and wear-and-tear costs with the driver.

If we get an overwhelming response, more sponsors may step forward to cover the cost of additional buses! This may be your chance to be heard! Are you frustrated with month after month of the run around by your mortgage company? Your legislators need to hear from you. This is your chance to talk to someone who must listen or you can vote him/her out of their job!

Here are some tips and suggestions. Be prepared! Come with your “talking points” on a single sheet of paper, many copies, to hand out to the legislators and their staff.

FOR THE SARASOTA PARTICIPANTS: Because Senator Bennett, sponsor of the Senate Non-Judicial bill is from your area, it would be HUGE to have a group from Southwest Florida up there. RSVP if you can help us fill a bus from Sarasota or Tampa!

Let’s stand up and be heard!


For more information check the links below.

UNFOLDING DETAILS:  For constantly updated information go to  4closureFraud.orgRSVP: (Group leader’s name, number in group, closest city, phone and email contact)

And bring your voter registration card in case there are petitions you may wish to sign.