Mahatma Gandhi
“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” —  Mahatma Gandhi

Remember that article from this morning in where a most excellent Journalist, AMIR EFRATI did a piece on the cases reported on this blog?

Well there are some interesting topics being discussed in the comments section of this exact WSJ Article on Judge Bashes Bank in Foreclosure Case that I suggest you get involved in.

One particular comment caught the eye of Foreclosure Hamlet so she responded.

The result? A temper tantrum and a name calling session…

Looks like all us defenders of the truth are now being called Trolls and being reported for “abuse”.

Looks like when these people get backed into a corner, the best they can do is whine, kick and scream, so lets help them understand…

So I ask of you this, reader of this blog. Take a moment to voice your opinion on this important article Judge Bashes Bank in Foreclosure Case in the comment section to show we are not “Trolls” one “poster operating here under several open accounts

All of us that he, Jeffrey Dugas, calls out as one “poster operating here under several open accounts” are all VERY REAL, Din SFLA, Lisa Ward, BARBARA JACKSON, http://stopforeclosurefraud. com/ http://www.foreclosurehamlet. org/ 4closureFraud. org http://livinglies.wordpress. com/ and we are here to stay…

He may be right in one aspect. We are all “one”, one collective group that will not stop…

I don’t ask much, help out and make a comment. We CAN educate the masses…

You can see the thread below…


So it goes a little something like this…


This is ridiculous. What, are we going to hold up bonafide foreclosure proceedings due to some clerical error on paperwork? We’re going to give deadbeat borrowers a pass because of this?

The banks “don’t own the property”, my A$$! The deadbeat borrower owes his payments to *somebody*, and if there is a technicality question, its better for an independent conservator to be assigned by the court, get rid of the deadbeat squatter, sell the property, and then distribute the proceeds to the rightful party after the paperwork is figured out later. Squatting is not an option. Moral hazard is not an option. Deadbeat dependency is not an option.

Letting people live in free houses at the expense of others is not a solution.

Lisa Ward replied:

AH! Great idea! For instance, this deadbeat couple that paid for their house in full in cash in 2005 and in waltzed Bank of America five years later and forecloses. You suggest we get rid of these two squatters, sell the property, distribute the proceeds to the “rightful party” after the paperwork is figured out? What say you of “moral hazard”?


I thought:

Well how can you possibly respond to that?


Yeah, whatever. Keep spamming this site with the propaganda. All your accounts are on ignore now. I’m calling you out.

In case anyone else hasn’t picked up on it yet, there is probably a proxy poster operating here under several open accounts, all “nonsubscribers”, who appears to have set up multiple fake accounts to intentionally spam this and a couple other similar articles related to foreclosures / financial.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the IP addresses of all the posters pointed back to the same organization? You know, you could at least cover your tracks a little better. Oops!

Common pseudonyms and “signature” lines:

Lisa Ward
http://stopforeclosurefraud. com/
http://www.foreclosurehamlet. org/
4closureFraud. org
http://livinglies.wordpress. com/

I definitely did “Report Abuse“, and passed this to customer service.



It goes on from there but you get the point…

Whenever there is an article that is significant in nature that exposes the massive pertinacious fraud that the banks have perpetrated on millions of Americans there are always the “Homeowner Haters” (just coined that).

Lets change the stigma, only if it is just in the comment section of this article.

Go comment here and be heard, it is actually fun once you get into it…

This one just chaps my ass…