Straight from The Pigs Ass


ARROGANT SENATOR BENNETT, not even pretending to have concern for those thousands losing their homes in his district!

For now, Republican Senator Mike Bennett has had to put the bill on hold, because the banks argue the bill is too consumer-friendly.

With eight days left in the legislative session, Bennett says he’s in negotiations to get the bill back on track.

“Obviously, the banks are looking to cut down the amount of loss that they possibly can,” Bennett said. “They don’t want me to make it too easy to protect the consumer.”

Comment from Tammy, a Homeowner that was at the Rally

I am sooo glad that you made that post about Senator Bennett. You weren’t in his office when myself and 5 others were. OMG, we were speechless.

We gathered in his office and was told by his secretary that usually you have to have an appointment to see him, but today, he was free. After she made a few trips into his office, she finally came out (conveniently) and her phone rang. While standing she stated, “You need him right away?” OH PLEASE – IF THAT WASN’T A SET UP OR AN ACT, THEN I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO HOLLYWOOD AND AUDITION MYSELF!

Sure enough, Senator Bennett emerged (almost on que) from his office – without his suit jacket – and asked why we were there. One lady stated that we wanted to speak to him about the homeowners rights and the affect that is senate bill would have on all of us.

He flipped out!!! Was speaking to all us in a raised voice…

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