Now you know when MERS stops by and takes the time to leave a comment on your blog, you know you are making an impact in this ever uphill battle…

I confirmed the ip address and it is authentic.

It came straight out of Merscorp, Inc. Fairfax, Virginia.

Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Merscorp, Inc (

This is what they had to say… (my thoughts in italics)

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In the foreclosure process, MERSCORP Inc. (MERS) has been and continues to be an outspoken advocate for all parties, (bs) producing all the required evidence, including the note. If that means taking more time to gather the necessary documents before rushing in and filing a pleading, MERS strongly recommends doing so.

It often takes time to produce fabricate the note. Attorneys for mortgage companies usually are under very tight time pressures from investors third party default services to act quickly. Instead of actually producing the note, (because most notes were intentionally destroyed pg3) many attorneys rely on the practice of filing a “lost note” affidavit. This is a practice that MERS does not support. When MERS forecloses, we require that the promissory note be in our possession endorsed in blank, making MERS the note-holder with the right to enforce it.