Reported by: Jackie Callaway
Last Update: 4/30 8:14 am

Bank attempts foreclosure on wrong home

SARASOTA, Fl — Neighbor Scott Mondro started asking questions as soon as he spotted the stranger drilling holes in his neighbor’s door.  Turns out the guy with the hardware was representing Bank of America.

Scott Mondro shares the conversation. “He says ‘we are foreclosing on this property’ and I said ‘You have the wrong address.  You guys are making a great, big mistake.’”

Across town, condo owner John Negele said his phone rang and he picked it up. “It was my landlord saying ‘We have got some excitement going on at your apartment today’.”  Negele was taken by surprise.  “It made me very mad,” he said.

Back at Negele’s unit, the neighbor called deputies to stop the hired contractor from going inside. “They were gonna load every thing in the apartment into the back of their van and leave,” said Mondro.  “Everything” would have included this music man’s prized instruments.

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