Roger Wilsford and Teresa Stamey are about to lose their mobile home to foreclosure.

Wilsford said he’d been paying his monthly payments of $762 to mortgage company Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, but last August it went into bankruptcy and he didn’t know it.

“Still, you know, I’d get a bill from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, so I’d still send my payments,” Wilsford said.

For three months, he said, he sent them payments until his daughter, Megan, saw online that TBW was bankrupt.

Then Wilsford got a notice from Bank of America Home Loans saying it had taken over his loan. He started sending payments to them, but later Bank of America told him he was nearly $2,300 behind on his mortgage.

Megan, who handles Wilsford’s financial affairs, said she can’t get Bank of America to accept the TBW cancelled checks as proof he made the three payments.

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Action 9: Mortgage Company’s Bankruptcy Causes Problem For Homeowner



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