Below is some commentary I have been following over at Chink in the Armor blog that I would like to share with the readers here… I have come to enjoy this storyline and the way it attempts to simplify, if that is at all possible, MERS and the foreclosure fiasco…

The story starts here with Mr. Geeai Finally Gets It and continues through the following blog posts below…

Take a few minutes to read them. You will be glad that you did…

Mr. Geeai Finally Gets It

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I don’t write these things by myself and today,  with his permission,  I would like to introduce you to my co-writer,  Mr. Geeai (pronounced Gee Ay,  accent on the first syllable).  Mr. Geeai doesn’t write.  What Mr. Geeai does is help me articulate thoughts.  We have […]

Mr. Geeai Discovers the Truth

You should see these bird houses Mr. Geeai is building.   They really are fun.  He took me into his shop to show off his work.  Lined up on his workbench were a series of seven birdhouses in various stages of construction.  My favourite  looks rather like the sorting hat from Hogwarts only it is covered […]

Mr. Geeai Teaches the Class

Mr. Geeai was standing at the door of his workshop when I walked through his back gate.   “Come see my new birdhouses” he said as he ushered me into his workshop.  And there,  mounted on his workbench were several birdhouses in various states of development.  That one looks like a salmon,  those two look like […]

Mr Geeai Practices His Longshot

I went to Mr. Geeai’s house and he invited me in.
“Did you see?  Did you see?”
There was a closed hole in the street waiting for the patchman.
“Oh,  Mr. Geeai”,  I gushed,  “The woman must be pleased.”
“I tried to get her to see the bright side.  I mean,  look at all the choices she had.  There […]

The Return of the Barbary Lions

“So,  what’s going on?”  asked Mr. Geeai as I sat down to a cup of coffee in his workshop.   I knew exactly what he was talking about but I hemmed and hawed about non-consequential stuff for a few minutes.
“Mr. Geeai,  I have a problem I need your help with.  I have a bad case of […]

Mr. Geeai Gets to the Heart of the Matter

“What are THOSE?”  I asked Mr. Geeai,  pointing at what looked like a pair of over cooked (burned) twice baked potatoes.  They were clearly his artwork as I could see the forming wires coming out the back.  But they looked … disgusting.
“Oh,  they started out to be eyes for another piece of statuary.  I threw […]

Mr. Geeai Shares a Real Life Story

Mr. Geeai was so excited to see me today I thought he was going to piddle the floor.  “Ah~!”  He said.  “I’ve been waiting for you~!  I heard a story from a neighbor across the street which plays right directly into this whole MERS mess!~!”
“Do tell”,  I replied and settled back into a lawn chair […]

Commander K and the Fishy Lions

Commander K came over to visit this week.  Commander K is retired from the Navy and is a mutual friend of Mr. Geeai and me.  He was a submariner and while he qualified for his own boat,  he never made skipper.  He is somewhat like Warf from Star Trek Generations.  No, he doesn’t have a […]

Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor

If you have not had a chance to check out previous visits with Mr. Geeai, you can read them at… Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, MERS, and the Search for the Truth… ~ Mr. Geeai, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor “So come into my workshop,  I want you to see something.” And there …

So take a break and read the storyline, who knows, you might even learn something…