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Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, MERS, and the Search for the Truth…


Mr. Geeai, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor

“So come into my workshop,  I want you to see something.”

And there on his workbench was … a … chicken?  In flight?  I don’t know.  It was covered in yellow tissue paper and he had taken little strips of multi coloured tissue,  twisted it up into a thin pin and turned it into the comb.  It was definitely a chicken but what makes it especially cool is that it is also a birdhouse.  About all that is left to do is to spray it with a coating of spar varnish and it should be waterproof,  colourful,  and ready to be mounted somewhere in his yard as a new home for ….  Birds?  I don’t know.

“Mr. Geeai,”  I said,  “it’s ….  beautiful?”

“Thank you”  He beamed his pride in his artwork.  “Now then,  come get your coffee and let’s talk.”  We walked back inside his house,  grabbed two cups of coffee and went back to the yard to sit in the cool shade of the early morning light.  “So,  what are we talking about this week?”

“Well,  it seems one of the former presidents of Ginnie Mae who is now a mortgage industry trade group lobbyist wrote a rather extensive piece extolling the wonderful virtues of MERS and how it has done so much to help …”

He interrupted me with a guffaw.  “Ye-ah,”  he managed to get out between gasps for air.  “I bet it has been wonderful~!”  And then he put on his most serious Mr. Bureaucrat face,  “Yes,  MERS has been wonderful for me and my family.  It has put my children through the finest prep schools and colleges.  Mother and I have a nice home in Chevy Chase as well as a beach house on the Outer Banks.  I should be able to retire quite comfortably while setting my family up for generations to come to continue being part of the financial elite.  Yes,  MERS is a wonderful institution.”

Coming out of character,  he became quite serious.  “These are the guys we have to go after,  I’m not saying this guy did any specific thing,  but since he was head of Fannie there for a while,  he knows what MERS was about and knows what it is he did.  We need to find out.  We need to find out who all of the people are who put this thing into place and find a nice jail cell for them.  We wipe out all of their holdings and put them away for a long long time.  Your wife & kids?  Well,  we’ll give them enough so they aren’t totally wiped out but the lap of luxury it will not be.  The whining sniveling & crying?  Too bad.  We won’t wipe it all out because everyone has to eat,  but the Manhattan penthouse,  the mansion in FL,  the yacht,  the plane?  All gone.  How does 1200 sq ft sound?  It’s either that or a tarp in an open field.  You’ll take the 1200?  I thought so.”

“There needs to be a full accounting and we can’t stop at the higher up underlings.  Too often that is what happens.  They take down some minor players,  or maybe even some higher ups,  but the real culprits,  the ones who set it up,  they walk,  get to keep their winnings which aren’t really winnings at all but outright theft of other people’s hard earned savings;  their retirement plans,  their pension plans,  their 401k’s,  what we were going to or rather thought we were going to be living on after buying the American dream,  that same American dream which these very same people created for us rubes,  and they flat out steal it from us the whole while shrugging their shoulders and muttering something about larger picture.”

“Mr. Geeai,”  I interrupted,  “While I agree with you,  I must point out that the reality could well be that these ‘higher ups’,  these ‘top dogs’  as you say,  may not have known what was going on.  When you sit on top of a large organization several thousand strong,  you live with the fear of not knowing what all of them are doing.  Someone can become involved in some very nefarious doings on your watch and you are responsible.  That’s just the way it works.”

“I don’t buy it,” he replied.  “And here is why.  Those people,  those people who are at the top set up a system where the underlings are motivated and rewarded for bringing in the bacon.  I can see and agree that the top dogs may not have been the ones to pull the trigger or even known how or when the trigger was pulled,  but they created a situation where the one who did pull the trigger would be rewarded for doing the dirty work.  Take this guy down in Florida you were telling me about a couple of weeks ago – that foreclosure mill guy…

“David Sterns”

“Yeah,  Sterns.  He’s Darth Vader.  He’s an easy target.  He’s the guy they put out front to do the dirty work and if he gets slammed,  which he has,  the ones above him get to step back and disavow all knowledge of his actions.  I say bullshit.  The evil emperor,  the one’s above him,  the one’s who gave him the contract to do all of the dirty work.  I want that guy.  He’s the truly evil one.  Sterns is just a cat’s paw they use that the people can look at.  He’s a fall guy.  I want the Evil Emperor.  Vader is a cool guy to hate,  but he is nothing compared to the true evil.  Remember,  the Emperor was done with Vader and wanted Luke.”

“Vader & the Emperor,  I like it Mr. Geeai.  It is an apt allegory.”

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