If Homeowners want to change the system then Homeowners have a duty to fight these foreclosures which are filed by Plaintiff’s who often cannot prove that it owns the very loan it seeks to foreclose.

Right now there is a numbers game going on.   Judges and Plaintiffs’ Attorneys know that they can do whatever they want – ignore the law, prevent discovery into issues the prove the Plaintiff has been paid for the loan or does not own the loan, make it difficult to depose necessary witnesses (to name a few) – because the individual Homeowner does not know the difference or what to do if the wrong decision is made by the Judge.

Right now only about 5 percent of the homeowners hire attorneys to fight their foreclosures.  That means that even if the Plaintiff Lenders’ and their Attorneys fabricate evidence, falsify documents, forge notes or obstruct justice 95% of the time the Foreclosure will go through and the Homeowner’s house is sold.  The few times that the Plaintiff Lender is challenged does not matter in the overall picture of this ponzi scheme.

We must change this dynamic if we as Floridians want to change what is happening in the courts.  If 30% of the Homeowners facing foreclosure fight then the numbers change as well as the dynamics.

If more Homeowner’s fought then Plaintiff Lenders must pay more to defend their actions.  More of these fraudulent documents come under scrutiny.  Judges will find it more and more difficult to railroad cases through the court system.  More cases will go up on appeal, if the right attorney is chosen.

More Homeowners must hire attorneys to fight against these foreclosures from Plaintiffs who probably cannot prove ownership of these loans.  Without Attorneys, Homeowners cannot fight properly.

If we want to fight the Banks, the Lenders, and their Attorneys then a whole lot more Homeowners need to hire attorneys to fight those who were the primary cause of the loss of jobs, the devaluation of our homes, and our crumbling economy.  We need to change the numbers so that so many homeowners are fighting and questioning the Plaintiff Banks/Lenders that the Judges can no longer ignore our demands for the evidence – all of the evidence.

Instead of a few Homeowners fighting, 30% of those facing foreclosure must hire attorneys to fight foreclosure.  This will send a message to the judiciary that Floridians will not just roll over.  Numbers speak.  Don’t walk away.  Be a part of an Army of Homeowners who will not take it any more.