~Attorney Michael Chionopoulos~

“I was specifically told by one judge, counselor stop. I have 180 cases on my docket this morning. I’ve heard all the evidence I’m going hear. The defendant didn’t pay the mortgage, we’re done here”


And we all remember Lee County Clerk of Court Charlie Green from previous articles right?



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LINK – Lee County FL – Clerk of Court Charlie Green, “There Should be a Way to Foreclose Quickly Against Deadbeats Who are Destroying Neighborhoods”

But county Clerk of Court Charlie Green, who’s struggling to stay ahead of a flood of new foreclosures and a 23,000-case backload, said “there should be a way to foreclose quickly against deadbeats who are destroying neighborhoods by neglecting or abandoning their homes”.

I agree with the banks: Those people need to go.”

Well, much hasn’t changed…

4 In Your Corner investigates Lee County’s “Rocket Docket” program

Clerk of Courts Charlie Green: “The debt is still the debt. The note is supposed to be present, and that’s a problem for the lender. It comes back to both parties, the party who borrowed the money, who signed the note agreed to pay.

…Even if the other party can’t be determined.

Here are some more excerpts from the article from the day before…

Constitutionality of Lee County’s “Rocket Docket”

We’re digging deeper on a controversial program designed to clear the log jam of foreclosures through the Lee County court system. The program is nicknamed “Rocket Docket.” It’s brought judges out of retirement to hear hundreds of cases a day, some times giving home owners as little as a few minutes to defend their case. Is justice being sacrificed? Lawyers, real estate professionals and these homeowners say yes, in fact, that rogue judges are flat-out steam rolling people’s constitutional rights.

Paula Dobberstein has lived in this cape coral home for 20-years.

She’s been wrangling with the bank until her “rocket docket” proceeding earlier this year when the court awarded her home to the bank without hearing side of the case.

Documents show Paula’s loan servicing company swore, under oath, she couldn’t be found in order to serve her notice of the foreclosure as required by law.

“They say they couldn’t find me, I’m here every night at this house. I’m always here,” she tells 4 In Your Corner.

The company continued with the foreclosure by publishing the notice in a paper on the east coast of the state…

But what does Mr. Charlie Green think about all this?

So Fox 4’s Liza Fernandez asked Lee County Clerk of Courts Charlie Green if he thought this was due process and proper notice. He says,

“Sometimes you can’t find them because they don’t want to be found.”

Sorry Charlie, I’m not buying it…

Good luck being re-elected…

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