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Lynn E. Szymoniak, Esq.
The Metropolitan, PH 2-5
403 S. Sapodilla Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida  33401

Mr. Ed Albrigo
Senior Vice President
8200 Jones Branch Drive MS 200
McLean, Virginia  22102

Mr. R.K. Arnold, President and CEO
Merscorp, Inc.
1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 310
Vienna, Virginia  22182

Marianne Sullivan
Senior Vice President
3900 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20016

September 6, 2010

Re: Abuses and Forgeries By MERS Officers in Mortgage Foreclosures

Dear Mr. Albrigo, Mr. Arnold and Ms. Sullivan:

I am writing to you in your capacity as members of the Board of Directors of MERS.

This letter concerns certain widespread abuses by individuals using MERS titles.

After extensive research regarding Mortgage Assignments prepared in Alpharetta, Georgia, purportedly signed by MERS certifying officers, it is apparent that:

1.  There were widespread forgeries by individuals who signed over a million Mortgage Assignments as MERS officers with many different individuals signing the same four names: Linda Green, Korell Harp, Jessica Ohde and Tywanna Thomas;

2.  The individuals signing these names also used many different MERS titles,   with Linda Green, Korell Harp and Tywanna Thomas claiming to be authorized by many different lenders to convey mortgages as MERS officers;

3.  The information on the Mortgage Assignments is false particularly regarding the dates on which mortgages were conveyed. In several hundred thousand cases, Assignments to Residential Mortgage-Backed Securitized Trusts state that the Trusts acquired the mortgages AFTER foreclosure litigation was filed by the Trusts.  This has resulted in a tremendous backlog of cases as the wrong parties often file the foreclosure actions.

These Mortgage Assignments are being used extensively in foreclosure actions in Florida and other states.  Because of the apparent authority of MERS, these assignments are most often assumed to be correct by judges.  Because so many foreclosure litigants are unrepresented by counsel, these Mortgage Assignments are going unchallenged even though they are obvious forgeries.

Please carefully examine the attached mortgage assignments signed by Linda Green, Korell Harp, Tywanna Thomas and Jessica Ohde as MERS officers as these examples plainly show many variations of the Green, Harp, Ohde, and Thomas signatures.

Many of the MERS job titles that have been attributed to Linda Green are listed in Schedule A attached hereto. Many of the MERS job titles that have been attributed to Korell Harp are listed in Schedule B.  Many of the MERS job titles that have been attributed to Tywanna Thomas are listed in Schedule C.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.  There were nearly 11,000 mortgage foreclosures granted in Palm Beach County, Florida in the last six weeks.  Many of these foreclosures were granted based on these Mortgage Assignments signed by individuals using MERS titles.  It is apparent that these signatures and MERS titles are misleading judges and homeowners. The Palm Beach County experience is
occurring throughout the country.

The Florida Attorney General is investigating fraudulent documents used to “facilitate” foreclosures.

Most often, in Florida, these fraudulent Assignments are used by the same law firms that are hired by Lender Processing Services, in its role as a foreclosure management company.  In Florida, the firms that most often use these documents to foreclose are the Law Offices of David J. Stern, Florida Default Law Group, Shapiro & Fishman, and the Law Offices of Marshall Watson.

All four of these law firms have also been named by the Florida Attorney General as being under investigation for using fraudulent documents in foreclosures.

I am prepared to brief you or your designees fully on my research.

Thank you for your attention to this most serious matter.

Yours truly,

Lynn E. Szymoniak



Open Letter to MERS, Freddie & Fannie Re: Abuses and Forgeries By MERS Officers in Mortgage Foreclosures