Et tu, Brute? It’s The Satisfactions Too! (Robosigned satisfactions of mortgage & Wells Fargo implicated.)


Et tu, Brute? (pronounced IPA: ɛt ˈtu ˌbɹutɛ) (“Even you, Brutus?” or “And you, Brutus?” or “You too, Brutus?” or “Thou too, Brutus?” or “And thou, Brutus”[1]) is a Latin phrase often used poetically to represent the last words of Roman dictator Julius Caesar. Immortalized by Shakespeare‘s Julius Caesar, the quotation is widely used in Western culture to signify the utmost betrayal.

It’s not the foreclosure affidavits only. Hello? It’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. it’s the fabricated assignments of mortgage, fake allonges, robo-stamped endorsements in blank, and satisfactions of mortgage, ignoring SEC and IRS regulations, disregard for the steps required by the REMIC rules. It’s all the top national banks and their servicing arms. The whole of it is a sham. Don’t believe the propaganda that insists otherwise.

No need to take my word. It’s all public record. The predators have left a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow. as they corrupted America’s land records. So arrogant are these financial predators, they don’t give a damn about anything they touch. These perps exhibit no sense of ethics, morals, or propriety. No respect for long standing state or federal laws. No concern for their fellow citizens. No use for their customers save to fleece ’em for every cent they have. And to top it off, these corrupt con men, tried to marginalize us after ruining our financial futures by taking us for everything we had, including our credit scores, thereby eliminating our job and recovery options. These hustlers their criminal enterprises must be exorcised from the very fiber of America. We must not allow these cons to worm their way into the very hard conference table discussions where we try to salvage what is left of our country.

We’ve all been had, investors, PMI and monoline bond insurers, mortgagors, all of us in this sinking ship together. We’ve all been done wrong. The middle men made out like the bandits that they are. Lots of off shore funds waiting for bonus time!

See, this is how to explain it to the “I’ve done everything right! I didn’t get laid off like you bums! I didn’t have a medical issue that drained my savings like you deadbeats. I’m a perfect person and why should YOU get a break on your mortgage just because a few affidavits have improprieties?”

“Well, if you paid your own mortgage off today, who would issue the satisfaction of mortgage and would it be authentic? How would you be sure, in today’s environment that another creditor holds evidence of a debt secured by your home that you thought you’d paid off?”

Answer is here.Bank Sues State Lawmaker who asked a few questions about her current mortgage

Jones Short Sale Story

2004 First mortgage Wilmington Finance, division to AIG for $71,200

2004 Second mortgage to Wilimington Finance, division of AIG for $17,800

2006 Refi with new mortgage $156,000 to MERS as nominee for American Equity Mortgage

2006 Satisfaction recorded for 2004 first mortgage. Bank of New York Mellon as trustee for Countrywide presents a satisfaction to Wilmington Finance, division of AIG

Here’s where it gets a little tricky….

2006 Satisfaction recorded for 2004 second mortgage where HSBC files the release and states therein that two assignments of mortgage are filed concurrently. Okay, so two assignments of mortgage and a satisfaction all recorded on the same day………..okay………..if they say so……….would love to follow this money trail! Note that all three documents were recorded on October 25, 2006.

recorded Oct 25, 2006 HSBC satisfaction 2006.11.11 Jones HSBC Sat of $17.8K loan.pdf 

recorded Oct 25, 2006 Assignment of Mortgage; Wilmington Financial, division of AIG to Countrywide 2006.09.20 Jones AOM $17.8K Willimgton to Countrywide.pdf

recorded Oct 25, 2006 Assignment of Mortgage, Countrywide to HSBC 2006.10.05 Jones $17.8K Countrywide to HSBC.pdf

Falls into financial difficulties and works towards a short sale.

Aug 22, 2008 Foreclosure initiated by Florida Default Group by Plaintiff US Bank as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-WFHE4. Lis Pendens 2008.08.22 Jones FDLG LP US Bank for Citigroup Trust.pdf

June 4, 2009 I assume the short sale goes through and a satisfaction is recorded showing the the original MERS as nominee for American Equity Mortgage is satisfied and fully paid off by the Plaintiff in the foreclosure suit, US Bank as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-WFHE4. Of interest is that this document states that the original note and mortgage are surrendered and that the clerk of the court is directed to “cancel the same of record”. 2009.06.04 Jones Sat $156K MERS mort.pdf

The June 4, 2009 satisfaction refers to the mortgage on book/page 2076/587. This document has nothing to do with this property whatsoever. Wrong Document.pdf 

The mortgage that is allegedly being “satisfied” is on book/page 20716/587. One digit was inadvertently left out of the book number.


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