Video of Last Years Event Where We Rallied to Stop The Non-Judicial Foreclosure Bill

GET ON THE BUS! and are organizing the second annual Freedom Ride and Rally in Tallahassee for combatants of illegal foreclosures on March 9th 2011. Buses will be leaving from Miami on the evening of March 8th, traveling all night, picking up Floridians along the way on the east and west coasts of the state, arriving in Tallahassee early on March 9th for a full day of talking to our elected officials, a press conference, networking, and educating on the scope and extent of the foreclosure fraud, mortgage servicing fraud, land record fraud, fraud upon Florida courts, and violations of constitutional property and due process rights that are occurring daily across our state.   We’ll be traveling home after our full day, dropping off participants throughout the night, until we arrive back in Miami early morning on March 10th.  If you are facing foreclosure, in loan mod nightmare, deeply underwater, or facing personal impact from proposed draconian budget cuts; then GET ON THE BUS!  You’ve been scammed!

Bus riders will only pay a $30 roundtrip due to the generous donations by our sponsors to whom we are very grateful.  These Florida firms are at the forefront of the foreclosure fraud fight; Jacqulyn Mack, Campbell Law, Hill Mortgage Consulting, Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk, PL, Melva Rozier, PA, & Carey Law Group PA.

Millions upon millions of Americans have been devastated by foreclosure, job loss, pension/401K/savings depletion, rising food and gas prices.  Banks profited greatly by manipulating a housing bubble that defrauded tens of millions of those who signed mortgages and then these same banks sold bundles of these fraudulent mortgages back to us in the form of scam investments for our pensions, retirement funds, states, and municipalities.  Then they bet against the whole rigged game.   Caught off guard, these banks realized they hadn’t protected themselves enough when the 2008 economic collapse occurred.  No problem!  They were rewarded with billions in both transparent and hidden bailouts and corporate tax dodges while millions of families across America are reeling from being unwitting participants in this scheme.  Banks got bailed out.  Families across America are down and out.

Daily we read in the mainstream media of more financial institution abuses, foreclosure mill misconduct, bank employee perjuries, fraud upon our courts, foreclosure fraud, wrongful foreclosures, violations of constitutional due process and property rights.  Weak or obstructed investigations have commenced by the Florida Attorney General, 50-state AG panel, FDIC, SEC, FCIC, COP, DOJ, SIGTARP, CFPB, US House, US Senate, Florida House, and Florida Senate.  If any other industry were being investigated by all of these agencies, they would be required to cease and desist the activity under investigation, yet the illegal foreclosures continue.

In arrogant disregard for over 300 years of property record integrity, the banks have recorded millions of fraudulent land title documents in counties across America after defrauding these same county clerks out of millions in recording fee revenues.  Property transfer is now based on unreliable, unauthentic, deficient, and fraudulent documents claiming property and land ownership rights.

The Florida Supreme Court attempted to put some rules in place to protect the honor of Florida’s courts; a mediation rule and a verification rule.  Banks hated these rules.  What did they do?  To punish the courts and repeal these rules, they encouraged some legislators to file bills ( PCB CVJS 11-01, PCB CVJS 11-02) which would change the Florida constitution so that Florida courts can’t make their own rules anymore, only the legislators (susceptible to unbridled corporate campaign contributors) would be able to make court rules.

The Florida Bankers tried to change Florida to a non-judicial foreclosure state making it fast and easy to take a family’s home.  We stopped that last year, but the bankers are back trying to slide a non-judicial process in under the guise of starting with commercial foreclosures only (SB1288, HR799)  We’ve seen this trick before!
The Florida Bankers are scheduled to be in Tallahassee on March 9th to rub elbows with our elected officials to seeing things the bankers’ way.  We will be there too voicing an opposing view and speaking the truth about foreclosure fraud!  Moratorium.  Criminal Investigations.  Arrests.  Indictments.  Fair resolution that keeps families in their homes and restitution for those who have been illegally dispossessed in fraudulent foreclosure actions.

It’s the Florida Citizens v Florida Bankers.  Time to choose!  For more information, to sign up, donate, get involved, or reserve your seat on the bus, go to


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